Watch: How can we guarantee a better life for ourselves

How can we guarantee a better life for ourselves? The method: Balancing the heart and the mind. How can one do that? Watch what Rabbi Pinto has to say.

By Mark Fish

Can a simple blood test help detect Alzheimer's up to three years before diagnosis?

Scientists have discovered a new, non-invasive test to detect Alzehimer's disease years before diagnosis.

Can our brains be trained into respectful political dialogue? - study

Researchers built a unique synchrony-focused intervention and examined its effects on neural and hormonal responses among Jewish and Arab adolescents.

TAU robot able to ‘smell’ odors like a dog using a biological sensor

Researchers have developed a biological sensor whose sensitivity rivals that of dogs – 10,000 times higher than that of existing electronic devices.

Israeli study uncovers how Williams syndrome disrupts brain development

The syndrome in the past has been estimated to occur in about one in every 20,000 live births, but more recently, it's closer to one in ever 7,500 live births.

Scientists discover new protective membrane in brain

The newly discovered brain membrane may provide insights on diseases ranging from Alzheimer's to multiple sclerosis.

New PTSD treatment in Israel could help traumatized residents

The SGB procedure offered by Stella treats PTSD as a medical issue that isn’t purely psychological, utilizing anesthetic treatment in order to abate post-traumatic stress responses.

Scientists create vaccine to kill, prevent brain cancer cells - study

Cancer vaccines are an active area of research for many labs, but the approach that Shah and his colleagues have taken is unique.

How do we solve problems without prior experience? - study

Brain area necessary for "fluid intelligence" has been identified

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