Russian doppelganger attempted to poison American lookalike with cheesecake 

Nasyrova had also drugged, and robbed men while working as a dominatrix and is accused of murdering her neighbor in Russia.

Biga cheesecake (photo credit: Courtesy)
Biga cheesecake
(photo credit: Courtesy)

Viktoria Nasyrova has been found guilty of attempted murder in New York for attempted murder. She has been sentenced to 21 years in prison.

"A ruthless and calculating con artist is going to prison for a long time for trying to murder her way to personal profit and gain," Queens district attorney Melinda Katz said in a statement.

Nasyrova directed expletives at the judge when she learned of her sentencing, the BBC reports.

Ricotta and honey cheesecake (credit: MARCUS TULLIS)Ricotta and honey cheesecake (credit: MARCUS TULLIS)

It is believed that Nasyrova was attempting to steal the identity of Ms Tsvyk as the two women are thought to have similar physical features.

Murder by poisoned cheesecake

The 47-year-old Nasyrova, in 2016, laced a cheesecake with phanzepam, a potent sedative, before giving it to Ms. Tsyvk. Nasyrova scattered pills around the unconscious body of Tsyvk in an attempt to make the attempted murder look like a suicide. She also stole Tsyvk's passport and $4,000 in cash and other values.

Nasyrova ate two pieces of the cake herself, before offering the third poisoned piece to her victim.

After eating the cake, Tsvyk reportedly suffered from hallucinations, vomiting and came close to experiencing a heart attack. Tsvyk's friend found her unconscious a day later in different clothing.

This was not the first time that Nasyrova had engaged in criminal acts. In 2015, Nasyrova was accused of murdering her neighbor and stealing her life savings. Additionally, while working as a dominatrix, Nasyrova allegedly drugged and robbed men she met on dating websites.