How to buy an electric car in Israel: The complete guide

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of buying an electric car in Israel and stresses the importance of picking the right car insurance.

  (photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
(photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)

In a time of rising prices and a high cost of living, many Israelis are looking at ways to save money. One effective solution is purchasing an electric car, which can significantly cut travel costs.

As the electric vehicle market in Israel continues to expand, it is crucial to understand the options that are available and to make informed decisions.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of buying an electric car and stresses the importance of picking the right car insurance.

Which electric cars are available in Israel?

Israel offers a wide range of electric car models, with 42 currently available. New brands such as ORA are regularly introduced, further diversifying the market. Prices vary, starting from NIS 99,900 for the Leapmotor T03 at the cheapest option and nearly 10 times that amount for the Porsche Taycan.

Chinese manufacturers dominate the electric vehicle market, and names like Geely, BYD, SERES, and Aiways have become well-known household names.

The majority of electric vehicles in Israel fall into the small crossover category, suitable for most families and priced below NIS 160,000. While there are several medium-sized recreational vehicles available, there are currently no seven-seater electric cars in Israel, except for the BYD TANG and the Euniq 5 MAXUS.

The latest electric car models boast advanced technological innovations in design, interface, and energy management systems. Improved control systems help provide technicians with real-time information about the car's sensors, engine, and internal instruments, enabling faster repairs and reduced maintenance costs.

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Differences between Chinese, Korean, and European electric cars

Electric vehicle models in the market share similarities in their engine functionality, offering advantages such as savings, advanced safety systems, and smart sensors. Battery infrastructure and passenger compartments are also relatively similar. The primary distinction lies in the brand name.

While other manufacturers continue to produce gasoline, diesel, and hybrid models, Chinese manufacturers primarily focus on electric vehicles. However, Chinese models may have longer delivery times and higher prices compared to their counterparts.

Choosing an electric car in Israel

  1. Driving range: The driving range of an electric car depends on battery performance, driving style, road conditions, and other factors like load weight and temperature. On average, a range of 300 kilometer per charge is sufficient for most families. It's crucial to read reviews to understand the actual range compared to the manufacturer's claim. Additionally, comprehensive car insurance is recommended, which would include roadside services tailored to electric vehicles, such as towing to the nearest charging station or authorized repair shop.
  2. Charging stations: The number of public charging stations across the country is increasing, making them reliable in most areas except for the West Bank. However, every electric car requires a home charging station. Costs for these stations range from NIS 2,000 to NIS 5,500, depending on charging speed and installation complexity. Outdoor charging stations should be protected from hazardous weather. Some insurance policies cover unexpected charging station malfunctions at no additional cost.
  3. Place of residence: Electric motors are less effective in colder environments. If you live in an area with colder temperatures, you should choose a model with a longer range or park it in a climate-controlled garage.
  4. Family habits: Families embarking on long car trips need a model capable of extended range. For those needing a car for short but frequent trips, opting for a fast home charger is essential to minimize waiting times for recharging.

Choosing insurance for an electric car

Regardless of which electric car model you choose, getting car insurance, particularly comprehensive coverage, is essential. Some insurance providers offer policies specifically tailored to electric vehicles, ensuring efficient and prompt assistance in case of malfunctions or accidents.

A reliable insurance company will allow you to easily report any problems via platforms like WhatsApp and provide convenient options for filing insurance claims. 

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Investing in an electric vehicle presents an opportunity to reduce maintenance costs, helping families save money. With the market continuously evolving, picking the electric vehicle most suitable for you and getting comprehensive insurance specifically designed for electric cars is essential.

By doing all of this, you can ensure an optimal experience, where you can swiftly address any car or charging station issues and maintain your daily routine without interruptions.

This article was written in cooperation with IDI Insurance