'Harry Styles, David Beckham's tattoos hold clues about past lives'

Andrea Foulkes believes that people choose tattoos that provide insight into their previous incarnations, offering intriguing interpretations of Harry Styles and David Beckham's.

David Beckham (photo credit: REUTERS)
David Beckham
(photo credit: REUTERS)

Your tattoos may unveil glimpses of your past life, as it turns out. "Regression" expert Andrea Foulkes believes that our attraction to tattoos stems from our previous existence, the Daily Star reported.

Andrea rose to prominence on the ITV series Have I Been Here Before? during the 2000s, where she assisted celebrities in exploring their past lives.

She said that Harry Styles' swallow tattoos suggest that he may have been a sailor in a previous life.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she explained, that David Beckham's numerical tattoos imply that he could have been a slave in his previous incarnation. Rihanna's Egyptian symbols indicate that she may have held the role of a high priest or pharaoh.

She further told the British news outlet, "Tattoos are one of the ways that people express their personality. But if you ask people about the meaning behind them, they often don’t really know why they were drawn to a certain type of tattoo. They might want some Chinese writing, or a tribal band and have absolutely no idea why they feel instinctively drawn to that."

Andrea elaborated, saying, "Sometimes their subconscious hasn’t made peace with something traumatic that has happened in a past life and that’s why they want to mark it on themselves."

What does Harry Styles think of his tattoos?

Regarding Harry Styles, he is well aware of the symbolism behind the swallow tattoos.

In an interview with Us Weekly, the performer shed light on the connection these tattoos have with sailors.

"I like that kind of style of tattoos, like the old sailor kind of tattoos," he said. "They symbolize traveling, and we travel a lot."