Airline loses passenger's dog and all she received was $1,800

This woman had a distressing experience when her dog went missing under the airline's watch.

 An illustrative image of a Great Dane dog. (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
An illustrative image of a Great Dane dog.
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Paula Rodriguez made a reservation for a flight from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to San Francisco on August 18. However, her journey was interrupted when US Customs at the Atlanta airport denied her entry due to missing residency visa documents.

As a result, Rodriguez was detained overnight, separated from her dog who was traveling with her, until she could board a return flight to the Dominican Republic the following day.


Delta Airlines offers $1,800 to woman whose dog Delta lost. The woman’s attorney calls it an insult. Delta says its offer is not an offer of compensation. The dog, Maia, has been missing for two weeks after escaping onto the active runway at the Atlanta airport while in the custody and care of Delta Airlines.

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Delta Air Lines assured Rodriguez that they would take care of her dog, Maya, while she awaited deportation.

But here is what happened next ... 

However, when it was time for her to board the flight, she was informed that her beloved pet had not been located. With no other option, she reluctantly boarded the plane, hoping that the airline would send Maya on the next available flight.

Last Friday, CBS reported that Rodriguez's mother, who possesses a US visa, traveled to Atlanta to assist in the search for Maya, who remains missing.

"She has been missing for over 72 hours at the largest airport in the US," expressed the distraught owner to Atlanta News on August 22. "Without food and water, she must be terrified."

After more than two weeks, the airline has offered Rodriguez $1,800 as compensation, which she promptly rejected through her legal representative.

"She was left heartbroken. Their efforts were unsuccessful," responded her lawyer.

Local media reports indicate that airline staff in Atlanta are currently under investigation.

Meanwhile, Daniela Rodriguez, the owner's sister, has initiated a fundraising campaign to cover expenses "in our quest to locate Maya using the best available resources. We have reached out to the numerous individuals who have expressed their support since the publication of our story, and together we hope to find our beloved dog," she wrote.