Mark Zuckerberg joins 'Secret Tel Aviv' Facebook group

The Facebook CEO said it's "been too long since my last visit" to Israel.

 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (photo credit: REUTERS)
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Is Facebook cofounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg moving to Tel Aviv? Or is he just looking to make more friends?
Regardless of the reason, Zuckerberg has turned some heads in recent days by joining the popular Facebook group Secret Tel Aviv – an online hub for English-speakers in the coastal city.
Zuckerberg, who grew up in New York and now lives in California, joined the 220,000-member group last week. But on Monday, a few members noticed that the young billionaire had joined and welcomed him to the group. And Zuckerberg seemed pleased to be there.
“I hope that our new member likes the hummus,” wrote one member. The Facebook CEO replied to the post: “Everyone likes hummus.”
When another member shared a screenshot of Zuckerberg joining the group, he responded with a little more insight on his reasoning.
“Hey – I’m glad to be here to stay more connected with Tel Aviv,” Zuckerberg wrote. “It’s been too long since my last visit. Thanks for creating this community!”
Screenshot of Mark Zuckerberg's comments in the "Secret Tel Aviv" Facebook groupScreenshot of Mark Zuckerberg's comments in the "Secret Tel Aviv" Facebook group
It is unclear the last time Zuckerberg was in Israel. But in 2012 he hosted then-president Shimon Peres at Facebook’s headquarters in Silicon Valley and helped him set up his own account. While it’s not too likely Zuckerberg is planning on moving to the White City, Facebook does maintain an office in Tel Aviv with more than 100 employees.
So what awaits Zuckerberg in the Secret Tel Aviv group? Like most geographic-based groups, there are plenty of searches for roommates and apartments, secondhand sales of clothes and furniture and recommendations for everything from doctors to restaurants, movers, spas and shopping.
Or, as one group member joked: Zuckerberg “finally has enough money to buy an apartment in Tel Aviv.”