WATCH: Lions get their morning caffeine fix at Israeli safari

Because sometimes even lions need a wake up call.

How do lions like their morning coffee? (Shay Ben Naftali/Ramat Gan Safari)
Lions at the Ramat Gan Safari woke up with a kick Monday morning as they rolled around in coffee grinds.
Yifat, a safari employee, spread coffee in an open area and then let the lions out of their den, after moving far away from the area.
When the lions were released they followed the strong smell of the coffee and started rolling on the grinds for over 30 minutes.
The Safari explains that when lions encounter strong smells, they like to absorb them on their fur in order to get rid of their natural scent and disguise themselves from their prey.
While these specific lions do not need to hunt, the safari explains that they constantly provide enrichment activities for the animals to strengthen their natural behavior and mirror their natural habitat.