Why did Larry King don tefillin?

The veteran broadcaster sent a special message to a Chabad rabbi with ALS.

Larry David in tefillin (photo credit: screenshot)
Larry David in tefillin
(photo credit: screenshot)
Veteran Jewish broadcaster Larry King put on a pair of tefillin this week as part of a very special campaign.
King, 85, wore the phylacteries as part of the #tefillinforyitzi campaign, started by a Chabad rabbi in California. Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz, stationed in the city of Temecula, was diagnosed six years ago with ALS. For his birthday this past weekend, he requested that people send in photos of themselves wearing tefillin in his honor - since he is no longer physically able to aid people in doing so himself.
"Rabbi Yitzi, this is Larry King, I know it's a tough fight you're in but you're a tough guy," King said in the video uploaded to the Tefillin for Yitzi Instagram page earlier this week. "We just said prayers for you, I wish you nothing but the best. A good, and better, and long life."
While today Hurwitz is unable to speak or type, he uses eye gaze technology to communicate.
"I've been blessed with a voice that can't sing. With a body that doesn't work," Hurwitz said in a video uploaded to the Chabad.org website last month. "So I dance to a new rhythm. I'm Yitzi Hurwitz. And I know that I matter." 
King, a veteran broadcaster and journalist, was born Lawrence Zeiger in Brooklyn to Orthodox Jewish parents who immigrated from Europe. In 2015 King visited Israel for the first time in 20 years, and in 2017 he accepted a lifetime achievement award at The Jerusalem Post Conference in New York.