IDF destroys empty Gaza hospital being used as Hamas command center

Video shows IDF determining al-Wafa Hospital in Gaza was abandoned by civilians and being used by Hamas before IDF forces destroy the complex.

Strike on Hamas used hospital (photo credit: IDF SPOKESMAN'S OFFICE)
Strike on Hamas used hospital
(photo credit: IDF SPOKESMAN'S OFFICE)
After Hamas continued to use positions in the al-Wafa Hospital in Gaza to fire automatic weapons and anti-tank missiles on soldiers, the IDF was able to determine that the hospital was not housing patients or staff before bombing the complex, the army said Wednesday.
"The hospital was used for activating war rooms and command and control centers by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad," the army said.
The IDF Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories has issued repeated and direct warnings to the hospital's manager, and to other Palestinians involved in running the hospital, the army said.
"Firing on our soldiers has grown in recent hours and endangered forces. As a result, the IDF has decided to strike terrorists operating in the hospital complex," it added.
A source on the ground made it clear to the IDF on a recorded conversation that the hospital had been abandoned by patients and staff and that the doors were locked.