31 July, 2017: Security on the Mount

A society that makes heroes and martyrs out of despicable killers does not deserve a state.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Security on the Mount
With regard to “Palestinians riot on return to Temple Mount” (July 28), as there are half a dozen entrances or more to the Temple Mount, why can’t the police set up metal detectors at just two? Anyone who prefers can continue to boycott those entrances, but we would probably see that many worshipers prefer metal detectors – especially when they have nothing to hide – compared to the physical checks they would otherwise undergo by the police.
Since Muslims also kill Muslims, metal detectors are used even in Mecca. Why, therefore, the outcry by Muslims against security devices on the Temple Mount? Do worshipers need knives or axes in the Aksa Mosque? Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is the very one who incites his people to violence.
The solution is in his hands. He can change his and his followers’ criminal attitudes and stop the attacks. Then they wouldn’t need to blame us for our peaceful attempts to defend ourselves, as well as Muslims, against constant murder.
Facing terror
UN Ambassador Danny Danon needs to realize that there is nothing “tacit” about Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s support for terrorism against Israelis (“Demand an end to Palestinian incitement, Danon tells UN Security Council,” July 25).
The terrorist responsible for July 21’s deliberate killings at Halamish knew his acts would get him a salary of about $3,000 a month – far more than any salary he could otherwise achieve – from the PA. That salary is indirectly facilitated by every western government that supports the PA budget. This means that Abbas’s support for terrorism is explicit, not tacit.
Every nation has its heroes, but what the Palestinians, under their leader Mahmoud Abbas, have instituted is a definition of heroism unknown to any other nation.
A hero in Palestinian Arab society is a person who murders innocent civilians having their Shabbat dinner in their home, and even a baby sleeping in its crib, as occurred a few years ago.
A society that makes heroes and martyrs out of despicable killers does not deserve a state.
No other people or leader in the world would honor the murderers of innocents and call their deeds acts of heroism.
What we call terror is, to the Muslims, a religious duty. So if you tell them to contain terror, they will nod their heads but do nothing to stop the jihad commanded in the Koran by their prophet, Mohammed.
This prophet, who ostensibly had direct communication with God and the angels, could not decide what “Allah” really wanted, so he wrote two Korans – the first very much on the side of Judaism and Christianity, the second, after rejection of his new religion, on the side of “convert to Islam or choose between submission, entailing second-class citizenship and the payment of a protection tax, or death.”
Until and unless the world understands and accepts what many great minds have said about Islam (e.g., Winston Churchill) – that this is what holds Muslims in their grip and keeps them in a state of perpetual backwardness – it will never eradicate Muslim terror, which has been going on since Mohammed graced this world.
Its goal? To implement Shari’a Law in every country and create a worldwide caliphate. One needs to fight the ideology itself, which is a much harder battle to win.
The first step is to realize that we are under attack, at war with a formidable political force – Islam. Forget political correctness.
Call jihad “terrorism.” Give it its rightful name. Perhaps, then politicians the world over will grasp the necessity to clear the garbage and thus stop the infestation of flies.
Rishon Lezion
After the tragedy at Halamish, it is time to cool the desire of jihadists to make merry with their heavenly virgins. We should announce that as of now, any jihadist who is caught will be castrated and cremated, with the ashes thrown into different waterways.
One should think that this will make it impossible for them to play with their virgins.
I think it is worth trying anything to save Jewish lives.
Tel Aviv
Objections to photo
During my wonderful visit to Israel, I read a copy of your July 23 edition, which I found to be extremely informative and of great context. The Jerusalem Post seems to be an outstanding newspaper. However, I found somewhat reprehensible the bloody photo splashed across the front page accompanying the article “Halamish family massacred at Shabbat dinner.”
Although it was clear that the heinous crime demanded frontpage coverage, that gruesome picture was out of order and served no constructive purpose in the extremely difficult process of peaceful coexistence.
Doral, Florida
I still have difficulty wrapping my head around the picture that appeared on your front page. So much blood and sadness.
I have been wondering why your editors chose it. Was it to invoke in your readers a sense of foreboding or to encourage us to stand up and say never again? Never again – it’s a nice thought, but the familiar carnage that litters our landscape is not confined to a single incident.
Some of them are quite recent. Perhaps we are encouraged to consider a solution to the problem? The expulsion or even killing of all Palestinians in a gross act of “self-defense” comes to mind.
Since we’re not going to do these things, tragedy will (God forbid) strike again. I hope there is something to be said for maintaining our humanity in the process – something our Palestinian neighbors clearly lack.
On a more practical note, how do you deter someone who is socially conditioned to murder and is happy to die in the process? I am sure that all answers are welcome. Until then, I hope for better and happier news.
Crime and punishment
I was appalled to read in “Court convicts renowned ‘spiritual rabbi’ from Safed of sex offenses, gives him almost nine years” (July 27) that the sentence of Rabbi Ezra Scheinberg was shortened when his plea bargain was accepted. He admitted his guilt and agreed to compensate his victims.
The concept of family is sacrosanct in Judaism because family is the cornerstone of our society and religion. The reason given by the court for the reduced sentence was his good behavior.
My heart goes out to those women who bravely came forward, despite the shame, and were willing to testify against Scheinberg. They were promised that he would get the maximum punishment.They were betrayed by the police and, especially, the prosecution.
I pray for each and every one of the victims with the hope that they will find the support and help of their community to restore a healthy family life. And since Scheinberg failed to get a just punishment from our society, may he get a just punishment from the Lord he betrayed.
Kiryat Ono
Unlike what was stated in Gil Troy’s “Israel’s summertime blues: Too many heroes, martyrs and angels” (Center Field, July 26), the book in question is When Bad Things Happen to Good People. The author is Rabbi Harold S. Kushner.