April 3, 2018: The Gaza border unrest

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Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Gaza border unrest
Unlike former US president Barack Obama on Syria’s chemical weapons, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman is not backing down over the Gaza provocations (“Liberman rejects calls for investigations into Gaza deaths,” April 2). But wounding infiltrators can stop them without killing them – this reduces world criticism, presents Hamas with a greater logistical problem and is the more decent approach that conforms to Judaism.
How about spraying the mobs that approach the fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel with the same “skunk water” that police in Jerusalem use against ultra-Orthodox rioters?
This would provide one more alternative for cases where live bullets are not needed. (Naturally, though, there would be widespread reflexive condemnation from the caliphate formerly known as Europe.)
One has to feel sorry for our soldiers defending the border with the Gaza Strip – they face ever-growing violence by the Palestinians, who are encouraged by leftists, antisemites and those wanting to destroy the only Jewish state.
When these soldiers defend the border (and their lives) by killing one of those violent demonstrators, they are accused of killing a “peaceful” demonstrator. There is an as-yet untried message for these demonstrators, namely some of that stinky water that those stinkers would enjoy for some days.
Tel Aviv
As a tourist in Israel for the Pessah holidays, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to IDF soldiers, whose professionalism and fortitude protected nationals and tourists alike from the hordes of terrorists attempting to stream into Israel from Gaza during Seder night.
Amid the dust, chaos and noise of the demonstrators, it is clear that Hamas sought to do its worst bragging, with obscene pride, that “lucky” members of the Izzadin Kassam Brigade were killed.
It is in light of this background and the well publicized objectives underpinning Hamas that I am stunned, but not surprised, by the infinite idiocy of Meretz. Its call for an investigation (“Meretz call to investigate IDF action sparks outrage,” April 1) is utterly obscene. Party leader Tamar Zandberg’s reaction proves just how deep into the pit of denial Meretz has stooped.
A recent article and picture in the Windsor Star newspaper implied that Israel was the guilty party in the killing of Palestinians along the border fence with the Gaza Strip.
Let’s get it straight:
• When anyone is killed, it is a tragedy.
• The injured person in this particular picture was a protester, one of tens of thousands stirred up by Hamas to swarm, invade and destroy Israel. Hamas leaders are calling for more violence against Israel and openly declare genocide on the Jews.
• This protest was choreographed violence: 10 of the Palestinians killed were known terrorists with a long track record of terror activities.
• The protesters thronged the fence, chanting songs about killing “the Jews.” This was not a peaceful demonstration!
• Terrorists using weapons hid behind women, children and civilians, using them as shields.
• All of this killing could stop. All Hamas leaders need to say is stay away from the fence!
• Israel has a perfect right to defend itself.
• It is only because of the integrity and great restraint on the part of the Israelis that more Palestinians were not killed. Not to be callous, but only 15? A miracle!
If such an invasion were on Canada’s border, I would be ever so grateful for Israeli-style protection.
Woodslee, Ontario
In “Hamas calls on masses to join protests” (March 30), Ahmad Abu Ratima, one of the organizers, is quoted as saying that the protests would be “nonviolent and peaceful,” going on to say: “We have even decided that no rocks will be thrown.”
Where is he now? Just as well we didn’t believe him.
Kiryat Tivon
Hamas proudly calls for thousands of men, women and children to storm the border fence with Israel because it is not enough that the terrorists have all of the Gaza Strip and Israeli forces rightly defend the border from the fanatics who seek to kill.
And sure enough, the Palestinian Authority is silent on the mass rioting aimed at storming that border, and calls for a day of mourning. This could have been be expected, given that for years, the PA has paid Palestinians who murder Jews.
New York
Trump wants out of Syria
With regard to “Israel uneasy as Trump says he wants out of Syria” by Michael Wilner (April 1), not long ago, I remember our prime minister saying that Israel would never ask the Americans to fight our battles. US President Donald Trump seems to be taking Israel up on this statement.
I am sure that America will back up any decision that persuades Iran to halt its aggression. It even might be necessary for Israel to send troops into Syria and set up a no-fly zone. I am sure the Americans would support all such actions, but the fighting will have to be done by us alone.
The price of freedom is not cheap. Israel must prove that it will do whatever it takes to stop Iran dead in its tracks – even it comes to a major confrontation. Let’s hope Iran does not think for a second that Israel is bluffing.
Danger of mixed message
With “The dilemma of a democracy” (Comment & Features, April 1), Ardie Geldman has written a thought-provoking opinion piece that includes his concerns and observations of meeting pro-Palestinian groups. However, there is a serious dilemma Israel faces by being a democratic country that he does not mention.
Arab and Jewish voices from the Knesset, especially from Meretz, that run counter to government and IDF actions are cause for concern. In this age of sound bites and branding, having a democracy with mixed messages from officials is a huge disadvantage on the stage of world opinion.
More on Pontius Pilate
Further to Eli Kavon’s “Who was Pontius Pilate?” (Comment & Features, March 27), Pontius Pilate is named in all four gospels 54 times. He presided over the trial of Jesus of Nazareth.
Matthew 27:19 tells us: “While he was sitting on the judgment seat, his wife sent him a message, saying, ‘Have nothing to do with this righteous man, for last night I suffered greatly in a dream because of him.’” Josephus also tells us that Pontius Pilate’s wife suffered from migraine headaches and that Jesus laid his hand on her and cured her.
There is an exact replica of a stone found in the park of Caesarea that is now on display in the Roman section of the Israel Museum. The stone was inscribed with Pontius Pilate’s name from 2,000 years ago.
Over 500 million Roman Catholics worldwide mention Pontius Pilate by name daily when they recite the Apostles Creed.
Neve Ilan
The writer is a licensed tour guide.