April 8, 2018 Flip-flop on migrants

Our readers weigh in.

Letters 150 (photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Letters 150
(photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Flip-flop on migrants
With regard to “PM doubles back on migrant issue... again” (April 4), the shameful withdrawal from an agreement with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees regarding the resettlement half of the African refugees – in less than a day – just proves that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is not fit to lead the country.
Netanyahu easily gives in to pressure groups on the right of the political spectrum, and rather than basing his decisions on sound judgment, he makes up his mind according to the response of his supporters as expressed on Facebook. Apart from being indecisive, he brazenly lied regarding countries that had “agreed,” according to him, to take in refugees expelled from Israel.
In addition to all the other cases piling up regarding suspicions of widespread corruption, these events prove once more that it is time to have a different government led by an honest person with vision who can lead Israel to peace and prosperity.
I am somewhat taken aback by the top half of the front page of your April 4 edition being devoted solely to the latest instance of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reversing his position.
What’s new? This is a character trait that goes as far back as the signing of the Wye Agreement during the Clinton administration, when one of president Bill Clinton’s aides was quoted as saying: “Bibi folds like a cheap suit.” The real story here is how Israeli voters allow themselves to be fooled time after time after time.
Looking for a great orator? Vote for Netanyahu. Looking for a man of action? Look somewhere else. Simply put, he can talk the talk but he can- not walk the walk.
JANE S. HIRSCH Kochav Yair
It is not often, but it does happen sometimes that I agree with your editorial, as I do with “Migrant policy” (April 4). It is not so much with the policy opinion you express as with the semantics.
Carefully analyzed, much of the political arguments today come down to semantics. If you use the word “settlers” instead of “residents” or “occupied territories” instead of “Judea and Samaria,” you are making a statement, a preposition on which to base your opinions. So it is with the “migrant” policy.
Your editorial is careful to use the words “migrant” and “immigrant,” which are generic and untainted terms to which one can add “legal” or “illegal” as required. And that is why those of our own society who object to the deportation of illegal immigrants, and our critics from abroad, always use the term “refugees” or “asylum-seekers.” They predetermine, wrongly and intentionally, that Israel is immoral.
Would they use the proper term “migrant,” the discussion would correctly revolve around the question of the legality or otherwise of the presence of these people in our country.
The influx of Eritreans and Sudanese into Israel is the equivalent of the invasion of Muslims in Europe. We are all aware of the total mess that the Europeans have made for themselves in allowing and, indeed, encouraging free or subsidized infiltration into their countries. Our government has finally come to the conclusion that we do not want to create such a situation in Israel.
As Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett so succinctly put it, “Israel is not the employment agency of the world.”
With regard to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the African migrants in Israel, when is the UN going to tell the Palestinians that, like all other refugee groups, they cannot pass refugee status from one generation to the next? When is it going to tell the Palestinians that they cannot demand to be maintained on the world’s largesse indefinitely, insisting that they will accept no solution other than being given the homes their forebears fled during Arab-initiated wars against Israel?
Surely, the first duty of the Palestinian state – which the UN has all but proclaimed – should be to build the infrastructure for a viable country in which the “refugees” will be helped to become productive citizens.
TOBY F. BLOCK Atlanta, Georgia
Egged over Jewish graves
Your article “Egged station in Poland built on Jewish graves” (April 4) is especially poignant because the Polish citizens of Makow Mazowieckie are very proud of three famous Jewish sons: Leon Blum, first Jewish premier of France; Admiral Hyman Rickover, father of the American nuclear navy; and David Azrieli, whose name is known to every Israeli who ever went shopping or admired the skyline of central Tel Aviv.
The city fathers of Makow Mazowieckie have done much to remember the town’s Jewish past and have welcomed us with sincere warmth. Their schools teach Israeli and Jewish history and culture thanks to the Azrielis.
These unreported details help to explode the ugly picture created by the ruling PiS party, with its clumsy and childlike attempts to punish free speech while showing that the abandonment of the Jewish Atlantis is also a product of our own neglect and insensitivity.
MICHAEL H. TRAISON Herzliya/Chicago
Not worth the paper
As I read Orit Arfa’s “Fight for the German homeland” (Comment & Features, April 4), I kept wondering why on God’s earth The Jerusalem Post would print it.
Is it to show how far an assimilated Jew (assuming Ms. Arfa is Jewish) can descend while adopting as her country the vaterland that would have sent her to the gas chambers? Is it the need for the Post to demonstrate that regardless of the pain and despair such an article surely causes Holocaust survivors and, indeed, the Jewish nation, nothing will stand in its way of printing trash to fill space? Either approach diminishes the stature and regard one may have had for your newspaper.
MOSHE STERN Beit Shemesh
I support the value of a free press, but giving Orit Arfa space to spout her inane thoughts is ridiculous, especially at the top of the page.
The uproar over Gaza
With regard to “Erdogan: You are a terrorist • Netanyahu: You are a butcher” (April 2), the uproar about Israeli forces killing Gazan Arabs trying to violently force their way into Israel is disingenuous.
Ten terrorists were identified so far among the dead. When combatants hide among civilians, it’s worse than using human shields; it amounts to using bait for the international news media to heap wrath on the Jews.
The Action Group for Palestinians of Syria reports that 23 Palestinians were killed in that country’s civil war during March alone. Since the beginning of the Syrian civil war, the body count there for Palestinians is 3,685. Nobody complains to the UN about these killings or the massacre by Syrian government forces and their allies, like Hezbollah and Iran, of hundreds of thousands of Arabs.
It seems that the only time people care about dead Arabs is when they are killed while trying to murder Jews or overrun the Jewish state. That’s not a double standard – that’s cannibalism.
Ayn Rand once said: “In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit.” She was right.
DESMOND TUCK San Mateo, California
If, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed on April Fools Day, Israel has “the most moral army in the world,” I wonder why it has conscientious objectors?