December 23: Land a blow

The Temple Mount, which the Jewish religion’s holiest site has been surrendered to the Muslims because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to confront our enemies and would rather placate them.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Land a blow
I couldn’t agree more as Farley Weiss (“Changing world opinion starts with Israel asserting it owns the land,” December 17) rightly points out all concessions made to our enemies have achieved nothing but additional violence because the world already wrongfully views the territory given up as belonging to the Palestinians.
One can hardly blame them when they see how eager and desperate we are to make peace almost at any price.
The Temple Mount, which the Jewish religion’s holiest site has been surrendered to the Muslims because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to confront our enemies and would rather placate them.
Even though it makes us look weak and desperate and serves no purpose other than to further delegitimize our rights.
However, I absolutely disagree with his reasons for his article, which is for Israel, after asserting its rights to the Land, perhaps at some future time to give up some of the land and, “Maybe – just maybe – such a move will be the first step toward preventing further attacks on Israel, similar to that of the European Union.”
Will we ever get out of this defeatist attitude that believes our lives depend on a very hostile world.
We no longer need to be quiet because “the nations of the world are listening.”
Where is the proud Nation of Israel that stood up and defeated five Arab armies in the Six Day War.
Only once we forgot that God was by our side then, did we begin to lose our courage to stand up for our rights and accepted the status of the people of the dhimma, non-Muslim citizens of an Islamic state.
Attempted justification
The headline in the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) torture article from December 18 stated that “Shin Bet denies torture claims by Jewish terrorism suspects.” The text of the article, which essentially quoted a press release by the Shin Bet, stated no such thing.
It was an attempted justification of their atrocities, which is actually an implied confirmation of the claim.
The government should immediately stop the torture of these teenagers, against whom no charges have been leveled after three weeks of horrific abuse.
Beit Shemesh
Cheap blood
Are we turning into a KGB state? (Shin Bet denies torture claims by Jewish terrorism suspects, December 18).
Jewish youth are arrested for terrorist attacks and, in fact, called terrorists before there is any proof of them committing any crime.
“Terrorist attacks carried out by the organization led to, among others, the murder of three innocent Palestinians, and as a result, contributed to instability in the region, and worsened the security situation.”
First, a few youths can’t be put to blame for Arabs attacking Jews with knives and ramming cars into Jews all over the country.
Second, there is not one shred of evidence against the youth who were arrested. Still no youth confessed to anything and not even the Shin Bet to torture claims.
Attorney Adi Keidar said that when he saw his minor client, “I understood that I am not looking at the same person that I know. I was looking at a completely different person, a person who experienced something very difficult.
If the Shin Bet is not guilty of the torture claims then maybe the police are guilty.
But, guilt is there. If the torture was done to Arab terrorists to get a confession, we would have the Left out by the thousands to demand justice.
But, since these are only Jews and those mentioned do not agree with their ideology - well anything goes.
There also is the case of Meir Ettinger who was jailed without a reason except that he expresses unpopular views.
In a democratic county freedom of expression is a basic liberty and people are not arrested without a shred of evidence.
Jewish blood is cheap to our enemies. Is it also cheap to our Jewish protectors of the law.
Ma’aleh Adumim
Duma attack
On December 18, The Jerusalem Post published an article by military correspondent Yaakov Lappin entitled “’Shin Bet denies torture claims by Jewish terrorism suspects” in which the Israel Security Agency labels extreme rightwing Jewish suspected terrorists as anti-Zionist.
However, this characterization of their ideology is simply the Shin Bet’s way of justifying the state holding the individuals involved as enemies of the state.
These people look at themselves as true Zionists or even extreme Zionists, but definitely not anti-Zionist. The actions of these individuals and their ilk are regularly condemned by the actual religious anti-Zionist Jews who prefer not to stoke the flames in Israel’s conflicts.
Beitar Illit
Distorted language
Over the past few months, The Jerusalem Post and other Western media have been using the term “being radicalized,” which is misleading, dishonest and tantamount to nothing more than making excuses for those who engage in terrorist activities.
There are many examples of how language is used to distort, dissemble, dissimulate, deny, divert, deflect, distract, defer, diminish, and disguise the reality that we are at war with Islamist terrorists.
The violent extremist tag can be applied to any person with extreme violent tendencies.
The use of that label is dishonest because it does not pinpoint or properly identify those who plan and execute acts of terrorism in the name of their religion.
During World War II the Europeans who became the all too willing partners of the Third Reich were not referred to as having been Nazi-ized. The Kamikaze pilots of Japan were not referred to as having been Kamikaze-ized.
So why do the mainstream media and administration officials insist on assuming that many of the Islamist terrorists are the victims of radicalization? The answer is that it fits the victimization narrative. That narrative makes no demands of responsibility from an individual over his/her actions.
Consequently, we are led to believe that many of today’s European- and American-born Islamist terrorists were quiet, nice, peaceful folks until someone slights them or denigrates their religion.
Are we to believe that we are the culprits who have driven those fragile souls into the arms of those who would radicalize them to the extent that they opt to engage in beheadings instead of debate? Those radicalized murderers are often portrayed as victims by those who should know better, but don’t.
The mainstream media have become apologists for terrorists and are hopelessly lost in a fog of political correctness.
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Am Yisrael
Chai We read that the United Nations has determined that Israel is the 18th best country to live in,out of 188 countries rated (“Israel ranked 18 out of 188 countries in UN development index,” December 17).
No surprise that Israel is Chai on the list...