January 13:Words matter

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Words matter
Sir, – I am writing with regard to “Words matter” (Editorial, January 11) and have only one word: Bravo! I truly hope this is an official editorial decision to use the proper terminology, and not something politically motivated or the “accepted” terminology in the world media. I fully expect that The Jerusalem Post will now refer to Judea and Samaria instead of the “West Bank.” I also hope the word “Palestinian” will be reserved for (as you say in the editorial) the “Jewish population of British Mandatory Palestine.”
Yes, indeed, the time has come for the Post to use the proper terminology. Otherwise, you might consider changing the name of the paper to the “West Jerusalem Post” so as not to offend any of the Arab population of so-called Arab east Jerusalem.
Ma’aleh Adumim
Sir, – The Post has finally editorialized about the terms used by our enemies in their propaganda war against us. However, will the editorial board practice what it preaches? As the flagship English language print and electronic media originating in Israel read worldwide, it is time that you and your columnists refrain from using all the misguided terms you describe.
If you wish to refer to Palestinians, then qualify the term by using Palestinian Arabs. If you wish to describe those areas won by Israel in the defensive war of 1967, refer to them by the names of their regional councils. If you wish to refer to settlers, refer to them as citizens or residents. If you want to refer to the Arab rebellion known as the intifada, refer to it as the uprising. And if you do not want to refer to east Jerusalem, then don’t! AVRAHAM FRIEDMAN Modi’in Illit Another circus Sir, – MK Dov Lipman explains that the Yesh Atid Super Bowl bash is being run “because it’s important that people see [Yesh Atid] as who we really are” (“Lapid hopes for TD with TA Super Bowl bash,” January 11).
Well, so far Yair Lapid has given us less bread and more circus.
Additional point
Sir, – I’d like to add to the point David Margolese makes in “Dreaming the wrong dream” (Comment & Features, January 11).
Yes, we have displaced the Palestinians.
The Palestinians supported the Nazis during World War II and lost the war. They have to take the consequences.
Tel Aviv
House in disorder
Sir, – Naftali Bennett states: “Judaism doesn’t recognize gay marriages.... I’m not a hypocrite, I state my positions.” He continues: “Our rule was formal recognition – no, rights – yes.... We allowed tax breaks for same-sex couples” (“Bennett: No secret Bayit Yehudi opposes gay marriage,” January 9).
Leviticus 18:22 states: “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall be put to death, their blood is upon them.” This statement needs clarification and interpretation, but the Torah places a clear, harsh, blanket prohibition against homosexuals and their acts.
Mr. Bennett, if you use Judaism and Torah ideology as the basis of your position, how can you give rights to these forbidden unions? These positions simply don’t go together, like mixing milk and meat and calling it kosher (your example).
Perhaps your first decision is based on Torah Judaism, and the second on political expediency. If so, Mr. Bennett, is it yes to hypocrisy?
Sir, – Horrors! Two political parties with overlapping views have agreed not to attack each other during the current campaign.
Some media outlets are attempting to present this apparent agreement between Bayit Yehudi and the Likud as a negative instead of a wonderful and positive development among a sea of unpleasant and often irrelevant attacks.
Similarly, Bayit Yehudi candidates are being attacked for having an opinion on gay marriage that differs from that of some media outlets and candidates from other political parties. Yet Bayit Yehudi has agreed to tax breaks for samesex couples.
This seems to be an excellent example of true tolerance and readiness to financially support something one does not personally believe in. If only those attacking Bayit Yehudi could learn from this example of true tolerance for others’ viewpoints.
Intelligent counsel...
Sir, – Much acknowledgment and appreciation to Herb Keinon for his important interview of Natan Sharansky (“‘Sooner or later, liberal Europe must fight back,’” Diplomacy, January 9).
In the piece, readers are treated to Sharansky’s keen analysis and observations of the momentous transformation taking place in Europe, especially France. But most of all, we learn of his mindset and brilliance in setting before the reader some of the cold facts surrounding the somber situation of Jewish communities in Europe.
Thanks to Keinon, the interview with this exceptional thinker and Zionist has clarified and enlightened us as to what we are facing and how to combat the growing threat. How much more thankful would we all be if Sharansky’s intelligence and counsel were tapped by our government.
...now listen to it
Sir, – Avraham (Avrum) Burg contends that “the nationalistic discourse in the Israeli sphere has cornered the other parties into the same nationalistic discourse.
Nationalism here is the most dangerous kind of politics that needs to be replaced with a civic one” (“Avraham Burg to ‘Post’: Nationalism most dangerous kind of politics here,” January 8).
Setting aside for now how it came to be that the one-time young prince and scion of religious- Zionism, after a dalliance with the Labor party, now places himself inside the non- and even anti-Zionist Hadash camp, one wonders how a seasoned, mature individual with his life experience can seriously believe that the future welfare and security of Israel is dependent upon its divesting itself of its prevailing Jewish identity and becoming essentially a bi-cultural, even multicultural, state.
Especially in the Middle East, this is nothing other than a recipe for ongoing internal strife on a level much worse than anything Israel has experienced to date. And, parenthetically, as an ostensibly religious Jew, how does Burg square this vision with the Torah’s incontrovertible mandate given to the people of Israel over the Land of Israel? An apt riposte to Burg’s illusory political convictions is offered by his successor as chairman of the Jewish Agency, its current head, Natan Sharansky. Sharansky’s own quite formidable life experience has brought him to view the nation-state and national identity as an ideal – as long as the nation is truly founded upon and strives to uphold the values of human liberty and democracy. Nationalism need not preclude a just civic society.
Unique legacy
Sir, – May I add to David Bedein’s “Joan Peters: A eulogy to an inspiration” (Observations, January 9): She might have passed away, but she has left in her book From Time Immemorial a unique legacy to the Jewish people.
With regard to “Bayit Yehudi Anglos recommend primary slate” (January 12), party members must vote for seven candidates, awarding three of them two points each, and four of them one point each, for a total of 10 points. If they deviate from this formula in any way, their ballots will be disqualified.