June 9 2016 Good only for FOTCR

The only possible advantage to the Israeli model is to ensure do-nothing jobs for FOTCR (Friends of the Chief Rabbinate). What a pathetic disgrace.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Good only for FOTCR
Colombia has its drug cartel. Now Israel has its Chief Rabbinate cartel (“High Court ruling strengthens Chief Rabbinate’s monopoly over kashrut,” June 7). That this transpired as a result of a High Court of Justice decision adds further proof to the wisdom of separation of church and state.
Being a dual citizen of Israel and the United States (which functions on the basis of that concept), and one who travels back and forth regularly, I can readily attest to the soundness and wisdom of such separation.
Go into a kosher restaurant anywhere in the US and there will be a prominent sign saying it is under the supervision of the kashrut committee of the town/county/state. Buy a packaged or canned product and check for the OU, OK or another kashrut seal. No monopolies.
The only possible advantage to the Israeli model is to ensure do-nothing jobs for FOTCR (Friends of the Chief Rabbinate). What a pathetic disgrace.
Crime at the Kotel
In an era when smuggling is on the news hourly, whether it be drugs, migrants, arms, weapons or even exotic animals, we in Israel have Torah-smuggling (“Leader of Women of the Wall detained at Western Wall for smuggling in Torah scroll,” June 8).
Surely, there are enough vital issues involved in Israeli life without heaping so much attention on a benign bunch of ladies quaintly known as the Women of the Wall. Can they not be left in peace to get on with their praying? Maybe the whole issue will simply disappear.
DAVID S. ADDLEMAN Mevaseret Zion
Stamp to nowhere
How wonderful to have a new postage stamp (“Signed, sealed, delivered,” June 8)! Pity we will not be able to use it due to the non-existence of working post office branches!
Rests his case
Arab League Secretary-General Nabil al-Arabi responded to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s request for a revised Arab Peace Initiative with a flat-out refusal (“Arab League chief nixes PM’s offer for revised Saudi peace plan,” June 7). In his newspaper interview with the London-based Arabic daily a-Sharq al-Awsat, he also insulted both the prime minister and Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold.
So let’s examine the peace proposal in its most basic terms: It demands that Israel take concrete steps that could jeopardize our future security in return for Arab promises of recognition.
We know what Arab promises are worth. Just ask the Palestinians about the value of Arab commitments. Ask them where all the money is that the Arabs promised them, but didn’t pay.
If this is the way the Arabs treat their fellow Arabs, why should we expect them to behave differently with us Jews? I rest my case!
No mention
Can it be? On June 6, there was not a single word anywhere in your paper with reference to D-Day, June 6, 1944.
Shame, shame, shame! ARNOLD HOLTZMAN Yehud
Israelis and dairy It’s disappointing to learn that 97 percent of Israelis consume dairy foods (“Israelis love dairy all year – not only for Shavuot,” June 7).
All dairy products are derived by cruelty. Cow milk, like all mothers milk, is produced for the nourishment of newborns.
Nobody else needs it, and nobody else has a right to it.
The ruthless dairy industry forces cows to give birth each year, and then steals and kills their calves just so it can profit from selling milk to humans, who have absolutely no need for it.
Given that we have an abundance of delicious and nutritious plant milks readily available, how can we possibly justify this suffering by innocent and inoffensive animals?
JENNY MOXHAM Monbulk, Australia