Letters to the Editor: Inane nonsense

There is nothing more to debate.

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(photo credit: REUTERS)
Inane nonsense
With regard to “Mossad, IDF chiefs debate top threat: Iranian nukes or Hezbollah rockets” (March 22), Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had the opportunity to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities when they were still in their infancy, but chose instead to leave this threat to our survival in the hands of former US president Barack Obama, who, of course, did nothing.
Hezbollah could have been destroyed years ago in Lebanon, but then-foreign minister Tzipi Livni called a time out, giving it the luxury to survive and prosper.
According to a recent Channel 1 news report, we are spending NIS 2.2 billion trying to combat the tunnels of Hamas, a terrorist organization that also should have been destroyed many years ago. Given the opportunity to do so in 2014 during Operation Protective Edge, Netanyahu basically told Hamas he had no intention of destroying it.
In the same article, we are told that former Mossad chief Tamir Pardo is worried that we are reaching a point of no return with Palestinian moderates. I can only hope that what worries Pardo about the so-called Palestinian moderates is true, as their end game has never changed.
It is time to call a halt to this madness and accept that we are dealing with outright terrorism that seeks only to destroy us. We are under no obligation to sign our own death warrant by obliging these groups with more concessions and by surrendering more Jewish land.
There is nothing more to debate – there are those who simply love listening to their own inane nonsense.
Real faces
I am not entitled to speak on behalf of the Jordanian government, but in light of Caroline B. Glick’s “The real face of Jordan” (Our World, March 21), I must illuminate the true face of that country, as well as Arabs and Muslims in general, in the face of unfounded allegations.
The Arab world is passing through a difficult phase of survival. Death, desolation, self-defeating destruction and deprivation have become its hallmarks. The outlaws of Islam are waging a vicious and murderous assault on our faith, intending to tear our societies apart and sow the seeds of intolerance, anxiety, fear and suspicion.
They intend to recruit the weak and vulnerable in their cheap attempt to erase human civilization and drag us back to medieval times.
However, the Arab-Israeli conflict remains unresolved and a breeding ground for extremism, radicalization and terrorism. A just, comprehensive and lasting solution seems to dangle out of reach.
The Muslim world’s vast silent majority espouses tolerance, compassion, mercy, mutual respect, love for neighbors and benevolence.
Muslims yearn for justice, human dignity, development and peace. They see Jerusalem as the symbol of coexistence and harmony.
Yes, there are myriad challenges from corruption, occupation, mismanagement and sleaze, but our Hashemite custodian of the holy Islamic and Christian places in and around Jerusalem, and our Hashemite leadership’s yearn for regional and global peace and security, was and is still unflinching and undiminished.
The writer is a Damascus- born dental surgeon with UK and Jordanian citizenship.
Reading Caroline B. Glick’s column reminded me of an incident that took place when we were visiting Petra about 25 years ago.
We stopped to buy some of the small decorative bottles of colored sand that were being made and sold by two by Beduin. They wanted to know where we were from, guessing the UK from our accents. We decided to check their reactions and tell them that we now lived in Israel.
One of the men came to the front of the sales table and embraced my husband, saying: “When I saw you first, I called you cousin.
Now I know you are a Jew and I call you brother.”
The second man spat at us and walked away.