Aug 11: Mother's Pain

Jacob Neusner minimized the historical pain inflicted by both daughter religions upon their mother, Judaism.

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letters to the editor 88
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Mother's pain Sir, - Despite Jacob Neusner' s learned "Three religions, one God" (August 10) which gave the impression that Judaism, Christianity and Islam have more in common than not, he minimized the historical pain inflicted by both daughter religions upon their mother, Judaism. Once Jews felt more comfortable with Islam because of severe Christian persecution, including the demand of baptism or death. Today Jews feel more comfortable with Christianity because of Islam's hatred of Jews and Judaism worldwide, and especially in our region. How can Israel reject the support of Pat Robertson and his Evangelicals, as many liberal Jews expect, when the liberal, mainstream Christian churches support the Islamic Arabs and Palestinians? Hizbullah has the sympathy, even admiration, of European secularists and residual religionists, as well as of radical Jews such as Noam Chomsky. This drives Jews to pagan, Eastern religions - to Hinduism, Shintoism and Confucianism, rather than to our brethren in the "monotheistic" faiths and our cousins in the "Abrahamic" family. Right now it is difficult to accept Neusner's consoling thoughts on the ultimate commonality of the three religions when, except for the Evangelicals, both the majority of Christians and the majority of Muslims resent, criticize and ostracize us, even if they do not join the Islamic fundamentalists who openly say we should not exist. J.M. KING Jerusalem Cowards no more Sir, - This insignificant woman in an insignificant town in Georgia would like to express her gratitude to all of Israel. Your courageous stance against the Lebanese terrorists will benefit not just your own people, but also be a shield of protection for the world. If you can stop them there, then their quest for destruction may never reach as far as here. They've proven way too many times they've not evolved to the point where they can communicate on a level of reasonable negotiations. So thank you, Israel, for taking the initiative to fight these monsters in the only way they understand: by taking up arms. I am so very relieved you did not back down in the face of these bullies. It's unfortunate that the term "PC" has come to mean "political coward." Maybe now we'll be able point to Israel and say we are cowards no more. SOPHIA GIBSON Georgia You'll prevail Sir, - The war imposed by Hizbullah is similar to the war fought by Indians in Kargi in 1999. I, as a very keen observer, believe that in such war theaters there are initial surprises - but the situation will be under control shortly. Israel should be patient. It will win this war, as the Indians won. SAROJ KAPOOR Saskatoon, Canada Fat or thin? Sir, - Suddenly Defense Minister Peretz wants to know where Shaul Mofaz was during the six years of Hizbullah building its infrastructure in south Lebanon ("Tensions between Peretz and Mofaz boil over," August 10). The answer: He was fighting against the cuts in the defense budget that "Mr. Histadrut" Peretz always demanded and, to get his way, would call a national strike! Our boys are now paying the price. And those who always claimed the defense budget was "too fat" will have to answer to the nation. EMANUEL FISCHER Jerusalem Origami offer Sir, - My friend and I would like to teach origami (paper folding) to adults and children up north in need of diversion and entertainment. We live in Jerusalem, but are willing to travel. Where can we find the shelters, homes, etc. where these people are? ROSALY EVNINE Jerusalem