December 29: 'Post' readers air their views on the military operation against Hamas

letters good 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
letters good 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Sir, - The retaliatory strikes by the Israel Defense Forces in Gaza come after the Hamas-governed region instigated hundreds of missile attacks into Israeli civilian population centers. The IDF strikes against the sources of these missile attacks also come after Israeli leaders repeatedly called for a cessation in the attacks. The persistent missile attacks by Hamas left Israel with no other choice. And condemnations of Israel by the Arab world merely reflect its continuing tolerance of the Hamas style of militant action ("225 killed as Israel rains fire on Hamas in bid to end Kassams," December 28). WARREN SMITH Monument, Colorado Sir, - The government of Israel needs to finish the job once and for all, while President George W. Bush is still in office. The days of innocent Jewish people being killed by a terrorist group must come to an end. A government needs to defend its people ("Olmert defends Gaza hits; US blames Hamas," December 28). ROWLAND ANDRADE Corpus Christi, Texas Sir, - Hold your nerve. Do not let this offensive wither and fail like so many before. Make all rocket attacks from Gaza painful for the people of Gaza. This has to be a fight to the end. MARC LEVINE London Sir, - There are three sides to this conflict: Israelis, Palestinians and terrorists. Unfortunately, we tend to lump all Palestinians together, and that is too bad because given a fair choice - one where terrorists are not holding a gun to their heads - most Palestinians would prefer to live in peace, to be able to work in Gaza and earn a living. Hamas is continuing Yasser Arafat's disgusting legacy of using the people as pawns in the effort to dismantle Israel. Khaled Mashaal is a coward who hides in Damascus. I call on the international community to get its collective head out of the sand and act for the good of the Palestinian people, held hostage by Syria and Iran, which actively aid Hamas. The fact that Israeli casualties from Hamas's incessant missile attacks have been minimal is no excuse for Israel not to take military measures aimed at utterly destroying Hamas. It is a shame about innocent individuals in Gaza who have died or were injured. I am glad that the government has decided to act, and thank those involved, although I'm sorry an Israeli had to die first ("Kassam shrapnel kills Netivot man," December 28). MATTHEW BERMAN Herzliya Sir, - Please treat the causes of the disease, as naturopaths do, and not only the symptoms. This is the treatment terrorism needs. Israel is attacking Gaza and killing Hamas people involved in terrorist activities. Basically, Hamas is just a symptom. The cause of the disease is those who supply funds and other facilities to Hamas, and the countries that accept that. They need treatment as well. NADEEM IQBAL London Sir, - 230 are dead because the State of Israel would like to pursue vengeance instead of justice, because "Never again" and all that entails justifies a 20-1 response to the even dumber Hamas organization. I wonder why those who have been so persecuted now replicate the acts of their oppressors. ROBERT McLAUGHLIN Salt Lake City, Utah Sir, - I really love that "disproportionate use of force" knee-jerk mantra which is the immediate reaction of so many of our international "friends." The fact that Hamas may not be competent to cause more damage and bloodshed than it already has does not immunize it against pulverization by the IDF. I don't recall too many complaints when the RAF incinerated Dresden in WWII following the Blitz on London, or when the A-bombs dropped on Japan ended the war overnight and saved 1,000,000 Allied casualties. As for "collateral damage," it is a nonsensical term when you consider that this is Hamas's specific objective. TREVOR DAVIS Asseret Sir, - One needs to ask, what is proportionate? Waiting for the world to curb Hamas while it aims missiles at our day care centers, schools and hospitals? Or realizing that every country needs to deal with its own national security issues - because, ultimately, no one else will do it for you? We also have now learned that, except for the US, no matter what restraint we show, as soon as we retaliate we will be condemned for using disproportionate force. Perhaps we should be using bows and arrows against Hamas, and employing our air force only to drop flyers... or maybe sufganiyot? They're deadly to some, it's true. SHLOMO LOSHINSKY Ma'aleh Adumim Sir, - This war against Hamas is one of the most righteous in Israel's defense. Israel has gone out of its way - at great cost to its own citizens - to try to accommodate the civilian population in Gaza. However, Hamas is in total control there, and Hamas doesn't give a darn about the population in Gaza. It wants total control of all the Arab population in Palestine. Israel has undergone seven years of brutal terror and the expulsion of its citizens by their own government from the Gaza area. Israel must resist all efforts for a cease-fire from the bleeding-heart humanitarians and those cowardly nations who fear rising Arab militancy, yet will do nothing to stop it. We must remember the great Hanukka miracle, the Jewish revolt against the Syrian tyranny of Antiochus. With God's help, the miracle will be repeated. TOBY WILLIG Jerusalem Sir, - All the negative reaction to Israel's response to Hamas's rain of terror on Israel's civilian population makes me wonder why we Jews do not realize that our purpose in life is to be the football, but never the foot. ALBERT MUNITZ Savannah, Georgia Sir, - We Indians affected by the recent attack by Islamist terrorists In Mumbai fully support the Israeli raid on Hamas. Israel has every right to defend its citizens and territories. There is a limit to tolerance. Hamas has exceeded the limit. T.S. PRAKASAM Tamilnadu, India Sir, - Every action will bring another reaction. This situation is the fault of Hamas and its rocket blasts into Israeli civilian areas. If you preach violence, you will get it back. PALANI GAMAN Madras, India Sir, - Hamas has been consistently firing rockets into Israel, and many of us in Australia wonder why you haven't already wiped out these murderers. Now their leader threatens you with suicide bombers - but he won't be one of them! He is too much of a coward and sends brainwashed kids to do his filthy work. GEOFF CASS Tewantin, Queensland, Australia Sir, - I believe Israel is missing an opportunity to score a real propaganda victory with the people of Gaza. Think of the amount of aid Israel allows to pass through its borders daily. Every bag of food should have a message attached stating that Israel's quarrel is with Hamas, and not with the people of Gaza. The message should encourage the people to rebel against the organization that is really responsible for their desperate plight. P. BERMAN Shoham Sir, - I am praying for you and although I am non-Jewish, I am in agreement that you cannot just sit back and let Hamas taunt and tease and play around. You have every right to defend yourselves, no matter what any country says. God bless you Israel, forever! FRAN EDWARDS Lakeland, Florida