March 11: Time to resign, Bibi

If Netanyahu had an ounce of humility or shame he would resign immediately rather than go ahead with this travesty.

Letters 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Letters 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Time to resign, Bibi
Sir, – Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told Channel 10 last weekend that the Palestinians “think they can continue with their acts of refusal – to go with demands to the United Nations and to distance themselves from the question of what their concessions are, how will they recognize a Jewish state” (“PM: I won’t evacuate settlements, but some won’t be part of Israel,” March 9).
The Palestinians not only think this; it is in fact what they do. Israel, under the weak and American-controlled Netanyahu, has already given them everything, with nothing in return. There is, I might add, nothing they can give us, nor is there anything we should be asking for. They have made their position clear with daily incitement to kill Jews, with their denial of any Jewish connection to the land or its holy sites, their unwillingness to accept even one Israeli in their “Palestine.”
Netanyahu has released vicious terrorists who have slaughtered our men, women, children and babies. He has stopped building homes for Jews and now has the chutzpah to tell us that some of our people will be living under enemy rule. They will then be as we once were – at the mercy of a relentlessly hostile and merciless world.
If Netanyahu had an ounce of humility or shame he would resign immediately rather than go ahead with this travesty.
Sir, – Beyond Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s latest statement, several recent expressions by our government indicate that Jews might someday find themselves living under Arab rule. Such would be shocking! When hundreds of thousands of people like me gave up their homes to come to Israel, they did not do so to come to an artificial state of “Palestine.” To realize, after years of finally being “home,” that we are in fact not could have only two explanations: Either we made a mistake or we were betrayed.
If our self-declared enemies really want peace, let our government offer them peace. But they only want pieces! We have no land to depart from.
When the once mandatory power Great Britain created a fake Palestinian state of Transjordan on Jewish soil, the Arabs received the largest piece, almost 80 percent of the more-than 100,000 square kilometers internationally designated for Jews.
Are we now to divide the remaining 20% – again? A Jewish state on what remains will certainly be enticing to the Jew haters who seek to grab the rest. They will never be satisfied with less!
Sir, – Your Dry Bones of March 7 said it again – more clearly and succinctly than some pro-Israel journalists say in their lengthy discourses! The “difference between a ‘Mid East peace agreement’ and an ‘Israeli withdrawal’...”
requires only “enough American pressure!” Wake up, Israelis! Officials in the State of Israel, our eternal homeland, have and can continue to integrate Palestinians into Israeli society without outside pressures or permission.
Heard round the world
Sir, – It is strange how the Ministry of Justice has decided not to cut a plea bargain with Shula Zaken (“Rejection of Zaken deal paves way for possible comeback by Olmert,” March 9). How can it deny having acquired fresh evidence in this case? Above the Old Bailey in London there is a statue of a lady who is blindfolded. This represents the saying that “justice is blind.” In Israel, justice also seems to be deaf – and, of course, a matter of who your friends are.
The same seems true regarding the lenient sentence handed down for Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the northern branch of Israel’s Islamic Movement (“Salah’s sedition,” Editorial, March 9).
Our justice system is a laughing stock, and the laughter can be heard round the world.
Sir, – Please say it isn’t so about Ehud Olmert possibly returning to political life. The man seems to have no regard for the moral scruples of Israel and its electorate. I can only presume that the electorate is much more intelligent than that.
Olmert is far from being a principled person. His ability to survive so many scandals is unbelievable.
Perhaps he is the best of lawyers – he certainly knows how to defend himself. He certainly is his best client.
As mayor, Olmert was responsible for the rioting at the opening of the Western Wall tunnels.
He was responsible for some of the harshest criticism of the Arab mentality when it came to Jerusalem.
He certainly has been guilty of changing his mind constantly in regard to policy.
Unfortunately, the law is such that one can technically be found not guilty of many things, but this hardly makes one innocent.
It is time to say no to Olmert’s political ambitions. He should be able to live quietly somewhere without being part of a personality cult.
Ill-informed attack
Sir, – With regard to “Top UK vet challenges shechita” (March 9), the UK Jewish community stands united against the latest ill-informed attack on religious slaughter. The simple fact is that there is no conclusive scientific evidence to show that shechita is any less humane than other legal methods of animal slaughter for food.
Shechita UK is grateful to each of its constituent members, which include the Board of Deputies, as well as to the chief rabbi and countless members of our community who have offered their support. We were happy when the vice president of the Board of Deputies assisted us in the defense of shechita in the media.
Shechita UK has recently received assurances from the leaders of all main political parties that the practice of Jewish religious slaughter is safe in the UK.
The writer is director of Shechita UK
A community maligned
Sir, – Although your article “Deciding – again – the fate of Beit Shemesh” (March 9) tried to be fair in its assessment of the situation, some important information was omitted.
Writing in Ma’ariv, reporter Kalman Liebskind recently reviewed all the evidence that led the High Court of Justice to demand a new election and concluded that the court had no legal grounds to overturn the election results.
Liebskind, who was among the first to report the situation, felt it his duty to say he had been mistaken in his initial evaluation.
He detailed how the court’s “strange” decision was full of generalizations and libel against the entire ultra-Orthodox community.
Without any precedent for such rulings, they were based on speculation and baseless assessments. The court determined there were 1,400 forged votes although there was evidence for only 36! The whole haredi community was maligned without verifying the facts.
Our prime minister is doing his utmost to urge not only our enemies, but the whole world, to recognize Israel as the Jewish state. Let’s do our part. By recognizing the rights of all segments of our holy land, and in unity with God’s help, we will truly become the light unto the nations, which is our mission!
The workshop for engaged and/or married couples “Five or More Easy Ways to Ruin a Perfectly Good Marriage (Or Do What I Say and Have a Great One)” was incorrectly listed in Friday’s In Jerusalem. Instead of March 12, the event will take place on March 19 at 8:30 p.m. at the Israel Center on Keren Hayesod St.