May 17: Dirty mind?

"I hope it is forgivable to say that Stephen Gabriel Rosenberg has a dirty mind in slandering Ruth, Boaz and their greatgrandson David".

Letters 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Letters 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Dirty mind?
Sir, – I hope it is forgivable to say that Stephen Gabriel Rosenberg has a dirty mind in slandering Ruth, Boaz and their greatgrandson David (“Sex and the Moabite girl,” Comment & Features, May 14).
Ruth is praised for her modesty in stooping to glean in her dress, and in not flirting with Boaz’s field workers, as the other maidens did. She was 40 years old. Boaz is also praised for his humility and saintliness.
He was 80 years old. Ruth lay down at Boaz’s feet. He discovered her at his feet and after he blessed her she slept at his feet.
As to the other “cases” quoted, there isn’t space to go into Tamar’s pure motives or Judah’s subsequent gentlemanliness in saving her from the fire.
David did not commit adultery with Bathsheba since the practice was for soldiers going to war to divorce their wives conditional to their falling in battle.
I submit that besmirching the saintly is not an admirable pastime.
Sir, – I just read Stephen Gabriel Rosenberg’s piece and was horrified.
Rosenberg twisted the sense of many words and presented the story of Ruth and Boaz as a sexual encounter. On top of that, he brought false Halacha from Ezra and mixed up the first child of David, who died, and Solomon.
All he wanted is to prove that the Book of Ruth is not so pure and simple. He just wanted to write something with that title.
BDS’s aims
Sir, – The whitewashing of the BDS movement by David Newman (“Fighting on two fronts,” Borderline Views, May 14) cannot go unchallenged.
Who are the main advocates of this movement? Democratic, left-wing, liberal, pro-peace groups, as suggested? Factually, look at the supporters – a coterie of communists, Marxists, anarchists, simpletons and a sprinkling of do-gooders. Their last interest is democracy. If it were not, they would be up in arms concerning the slaughter in Muslim lands.
BDS advocates have one aim: the destruction of the Jewish state and its replacement with another Arab “democracy.” Thus it is also with Stephen Hawking. His negative influence counts for more than that of the numerous great people who will be attending the President’s Conference.
The so-called Right is the only movement defending Israel against those who by all means and with the most radical associates are trying to replace our embattled democracy with something that has never existed – a democratic Arab government for all.
Not all’s lost
Sir, – Recently, I lost my digital camera on a street in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Talbieh. There was not much chance of my ever seeing it again (or the pictures, which had so much personal meaning.) The following evening, when we returned to the apartment we were renting in the German Colony, there was note attached to our door. It said, “I think you lost your camera,” and that we should call such and such a telephone number.
Shlomit had found our camera on the street, found a picture we had taken in front of our house, with the street name and house number in the background. She enlarged the picture to see the address, came to the house and knocked on the door of one of the apartments, and asked whether there was an American tourist renting in the building.
She arranged to bring me the camera and refused to take a reward.
I cannot express my appreciation and amazement at all the detective work and effort that Shlomit went through to do this act of kindness.
The people of Jerusalem can be proud that it has produced such wonderful hosts to those who visit.
P.S. – A few of the pictures on the camera were taken with the mayor at David’s Citadel.
HENRY COHEN Hamden, Connecticut