May 23: Minority opinion

Fortunately for the people living in the Middle East Larry Derfner’s call to “Let Iran go nuclear” (May 20) is definitely a minority opinion.

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letters 88
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Minority opinion
Sir, – Fortunately for the people living in the Middle East Larry Derfner’s call to “Let Iran go nuclear” (May 20) is definitely a minority opinion. Both the US and Russia, as well as Israel, have made it clear that they will not accept a nuclear Iran and they are still pushing for sanctions against a nation that is being led by a mad man. We have yet to hear from China. If it can be proven that Iran has a large arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in hand, it will make it easier for the US and Russia to call for a military strike.
What should be made clear to all is that the American and Russian decision to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of the leaders of Iran is a decision based on what is best for the US and Russia.The fact that Israel will benefit from this stance is strictly a product and a good example of interlocking interests. President Barack Obama is trying to make some kind of order in the Middle East and a nuclear Iran will not make the task easier.
    P. YONAH
We need Feiglin
Sir, – Fred Moncharsh of Jerusalem writes that none of our party leaders are willing to act in any way on their positions and “even the Likud’s Moshe Feiglin, who may be the biggest talker of them all, is also the one least likely to act in any way” (“Needed: Leader on the Right,” Letters, May 17). Feiglin is indeed the leader on the Right that we sorely need and who would make very clear his red lines which would not get to the stage of being crossed.
Unfortunately Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, because he has made a conscious decision to go with the policies of the Left even though he was voted into power on a right-wing mandate, has succeeded in keeping Feiglin out of the Knesset using every trick in the book. When the people are ready to face the truth and see where we are heading, then they might realize that their votes should go to a true right-wing leader who truly believes in the Jewish people’s right to live in all parts of Eretz Yisrael, with Jerusalem as its eternal capital, and we will once more become a people who are proud of who and what we are.
Mosque will backfire
Sir, – I was absolutely amazed to learn that a mosque 13 stories high is planned to be built about two blocks from Ground Zero, made empty by the 9/11 attack on the United States by terrorists (“Is giant mosque at Ground Zero justified?” May 18). This mosque will only serve a purpose if it is to be a constant reminder of what kind of terrorism can be devastated on an innocent country by Islamists who believe in Shari’a and who want to impose their way of life on the whole world.
Everyone seeing this mosque will be constantly reminded of the thousands of lost lives and the more than thousands of families who were left in horror after the enormity of the 9/11 attack. The mosque will remind us that Islamic fundamentalism and its linkage with every terror group means to bring about “not peace but a sword” which will dangle in the eyes of all America and constantly serve to make America vigilant.
The Islamic idea of a mosque will backfire and will cause Americans to constantly challenge Islam to state publicly and irrevocably that they are going to rid themselves of what is so horrible n the eyes of the world.
Cemetery desecrations
Sir, – Only too often we read about Jewish cemeteries that are desecrated in Europe while not enough attention is given to the cemetery on the Mount of Olives which is being desecrated on a regular basis right here in Jerusalem only a few kilometers from the homes of haredim in Mea She’arim.
Instead of trying to prevent the removal of bones (“Barzilai grave relocation met with haredi demonstration,” May 17) in far off Ashkelon (the purpose of which is to save lives by building a hospital emergency room), haredim could make a positive contribution in honor of the dead on the Mount of Olives by preventing desecrations there by posting haredi guards hours a day.
When will they learn
Sir, – The National Left (“Thousands rally in Jerusalem for ‘Zionism without the occupation,” May 16) represents the same people who brought us Oslo and brought Yasser Arafat with his murderers to these shores; who threw us out of Gaza and brought us Kassams; who forced us out of southern Lebanon and sucked in Hizbullah with its Katyushas. And now they want us to withdraw to “recognized” borders even without an agreement.
What borders and recognized by whom?  Some people never learn.
Oh, those hallot!
Sir, – Further to Pessy Krausz’s reminiscences on Lady Jakobovits (“More memories of Lady J,” Letters, May 16): I was recuperating after a major operation in a London hospital frequented by many Arab patients. I was advised at the time that as this was soon after the Six Day War, I should try to remain in my room as much as possible. Apparently, a few weeks previously, a Jewish patient had been accosted by an Iraqi colonel. Obviously, I acquiesced.
However, that Friday afternoon, there was that all-pervading smell of freshly baked, still-hot hallot approaching my room, and in bustled the chief rabbi and rebbetzin (as they were then), having walked the full length of the corridor – he with his big hat and beard, and she with her sheitel. The eve of Shabbat, and they had both found the time to visit me. What a wonderful bikur holim!
Of course, though, my cover was completely blown.
Not in their remit
Sir, – No matter how prominent and supportive of Israel some American Jews presume themselves to be, they are being destructive to Israel when they publicly petition the government of Israel and its defense advisers to take steps that could very well be harmful to that country’s negotiations for peace and security, of which the petitioners have no share in responsibility.
That Diaspora Jews, in the main, view Israel as the Jewish homeland is not in dispute, but it is not they who are at the receiving end of Arab existential intentions, nor are their children called upon to risk life and limb in Israel’s defense.
Despite the significant role some play in their communities, it does not lie within their remit to urge Israel to consider with favor their home-cooked list of concessions that could very well be prejudicial and detrimental to Israel’s national interests. That matter is solely the responsibility of the government of Israel and the citizens of Israel who will have to live with the outcome of what they are prepared to concede for peace and, most importantly, their security.