November 29, 2017: Additional readers weigh in on Hotovely’s remarks

Readers of the Jerusalem Post have their say.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
And the first annual Pit Bull Award goes to....Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely for her politically incorrect but true identification of bull (“Hotovely insults US Jewry, then apologizes under pressure,” November 24).
Have American Jews been so successful at maintaining Jewish continuity that Israelis should embrace their programs? Can anyone seriously believe that importing American practices will help Israel? I speak as an American who made aliya exactly one year ago. I practiced and rejected Reform and Conservative Judaism because I considered them political rather than religious movements – they seek to forcibly impose their preferences on others. They are like Israeli Haredim in this respect.
American progressives have been on a journey to be comfortably assimilated in the United States while still being considered Jewish. Religious practice is continually modified to fit liberal, secular culture. Thus, patrilineal descent.
Next, feminism. And on and on, until today we have Jews justifying political movements that are vehemently anti-Israel because they are based on “Jewish values.”
Tzipi Hotovely is correct to call out this hypocrisy.
She is far from politically correct, since that requires Israelis to patronize Americans who believe that what’s good for American assimilation is good for Israel. She is a most worthy winner of the first annual award.
Kfar Saba
We need more like Tzipi Hotovely. A brave, straightforward, blunt and honest politician who says it as it is without apologies and recriminations.
A true Israeli fighter.
She displays character and leadership against an assimilated, spoiled, divisive and weakened American Jewry that’s disconnected from reality.
Congratulations to Tzipi Hotovely. Many bouquets, not brickbats.
Abba Eban used to say that the Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. It can now be said that American Jewish leaders never miss an opportunity to find fault with pronouncements of Israel politicians.
No matter how many times I read Tzipi Hotovely’s statement that “American Jews don’t fully understand the reality of life in Israel because they don’t send their children to the army or live under the threat of missile attack,” I do not understand what is objectionable. I do not find one word in the statement that is not true.
What is even more depressing is that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose reneging on the Western Wall agreement caused the rift with American Jewry to grow and fester, had the chutzpah to threaten to fire Ms. Hotovely over her remarks.
It is time that Mr. Netanyahu followed his word on the Kotel and either implement the agreement and end the crisis, or show backbone and tell American Jews that egalitarian services at the Western Wall plaza will not be permitted.
More importantly, it is time for American Jews to grow up and stop whining about everything we do in Israel. The facts are simple. Except for the incredible lone soldiers who serve in the Israeli army, most American Jews will never serve in any military. And last time I looked, thousands of missiles were not on the American borders aimed at its population centers.
Beit Shemesh
As a recent olah from Long Island, I find nothing wrong with what Tzipi Hotovely stated. She is absolutely right. The lack of support she is receiving from people here (and even abroad) is astounding.
Prior to making aliya, I lived in my American- Jewish bubble. It was from afar, without any real worry about my children being soldiers.
While the IDF has many lone soldiers from the US (my own brother included), it is not commonplace, nor is enlistment in the American army.
Tzipi did not offend me, nor do I believe that she offended other American Jews who are honest with themselves.
Beit Shemesh
What is the fuss about? Perhaps the deputy foreign minister didn’t use diplomatic language, but her facts are generally accurate.
My own family is a perfect example. We have eight adult grandchildren, four here and four in the US. The four here, three girls and a boy, all served in the IDF. The four boys in US went on to college immediately after high school.
As for terrorism, the family here has had its close calls. None in the US has encountered terrorism.
Coming from Miami, I am used to my representatives being responsive and helpful. As former supporter of American Friends of Likud, I would visit frequently and meet with Tzipi Hotovely and others.
After moving to Israel and needing some help with an issue in the Foreign Ministry, I emailed Tzipi and asked for her help. No answer! But it gets worse – her staff made snide remarks about me to a mutual friend, and she refused to answer my calls or email. Then the clincher: I was told that I had been disinvited from a mission dinner where she was a guest speaker because she didn’t want me to bother her.
Let’s hope and pray that she is fired. This type of politician is in it for herself and doesn’t give a hoot about her constituency.
Ramat Raziel
I strongly disagree with the hullabaloo over Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely’s interview on i24 News concerning American Jewry.
Everything she said was true! She didn’t cause an abyss between American Jews and Israel. It has nothing to do with the Israeli government and everything to do with those Jews who have a short memory and a tendency to confuse Judaism with liberalism.
Most of the media spin on the divide between American and Israeli Jews is propagated by the Left in both countries. These are people who don’t usually frequent synagogues. They couldn’t care less about the Western Wall and are using it only for their political and anti-religious agenda.
If you are looking for facts, just read the latest Pew Report on American Jewry. First, not even half of American Jews have ever bothered to visit Israel. Second, there is a 70% intermarriage rate in the non-Orthodox streams of American Jewry, so why would we want to import a failed system to Israel?
Ms. Hotovely was absolutely right when she said that the egalitarian section of the Western Wall is usually empty. Last summer, on the two fast days commemorating the destruction of the Temple, the Kotel was packed with traditional worshipers while the egalitarian section was indeed empty. If one doesn’t mourn the destruction of our Temple, what is the importance of the Kotel, which is merely a supporting wall?
Ms. Hotovely showed her love for her American Jewish brethren when she invited Jews of all streams to come to Israel and change things from within, rather than dictate things from outside.
Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely’s comments on American Jews were right on the spot.
While I do not agree with the Left in Israel, whatever happens, we are all in the same boat.
While American Jews have a right to their views, they don’t have to send their sons and daughters to fight in the wars; they are not the ones who are on the receiving end of rockets as I, my wife and friends on my kibbutz have been.
If they want to change things in Israel, then I suggest they make aliya.
Nahal Oz