Ayalon is a scoundrel

"Former deputy foreign minister Ayalon knows how to knock an ambassador down, but does not know where his own place is".

Danny Ayalon 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)
Danny Ayalon 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun)
Danny Ayalon disgusts me. Just thinking of him reminds me why we can’t trust politicians.
Why we despise them.
Former deputy foreign minister Ayalon is ungrateful, vindictive and spiteful. He knows how to knock an ambassador down, but does not know where his own place is. Former foreign minister Avigdor Liberman gave Ayalon a chance, but he completely screwed it up.
After all, as long as Ayalon was in office, in his eyes Liberman was worthy of being foreign minister – maybe even prime minister.
However, from the moment they tried to bring Ayalon back to earth, he has not rested for one moment. Forget about the fact that the man who appointed him and worked with him for years suddenly became unfit for his job. From the moment he was sacked, Ayalon and a few of his people have been on a rampage to harm the State of Israel. They set out to take revenge, but more than they are hurting others, they are showing their own true colors.
It turns out, though, that Liberman and his steering committee have also made their share of mistakes. And not just any mistakes, but huge ones.
When witnesses were finally called to give testimony in Liberman’s trial, the main witness was Ayalon himself. It will be interesting to follow Ayalon’s testimony and to attempt to understand what convinced him to hold his tongue while he still had his job, and what changed on the day he was sent home to prove his skills, connections and capabilities in the free market.
To an outsider, judging from the sequence of events, Ayalon appears dishonest.
Maybe we will find out soon that Yisrael Beytenu had physically prevented Ayalon from crying out, “An injustice has been done!” The only logical explanation that comes to mind is that maybe it just took Ayalon a few years until he realized what was going on. Maybe at first he didn’t understand Liberman’s order‚ to appoint an ambassador to Latvia. Those who know Ayalon understand that this explanation is definitely plausible.
Ayalon is such a small person. Instead of proving that Liberman made a big mistake, and how much he himself wants to contribute to the good of Israel, Ayalon has been busy proclaiming that people shouldn’t mess with him. The moment something doesn’t go his way, Ayalon doesn’t hesitate to do everything in his power to vilify and muddy a person’s name. In short, this is the only thing he knows how to do.
And by the way, to be totally honest, it will be interesting to see how Ayalon explains to the court why he betrayed his country when Liberman asked him to act in an unlawful manner. In other words, either way Ayalon’s going to look bad. Either he betrayed his country or he betrayed Liberman. Either Ayalon betrayed the public, or he’s just a vindictive jerk. However you look at the situation, Mr. Clean’s hands are actually dirty.
This week, it became clear that Ayalon is not settling for the conviction of his former boss. Some of his men have set out on a mission to have several of the former minister’s men implicated for using their connections and governmental status to travel abroad in contradiction to civil service regulations.
As incredible as it sounds, did they really forget about this, too, until after they were dismissed from the Foreign Ministry. Seriously? In any other civilized country, such information would have gone straight into the trash, and if the investigator was any good he would also have made sure the informants received the urgent psychiatric treatment they so desperately needed. In the end, only an idiot would believe that someone who works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and who constantly travels around the world for work, would have to go against regulations to get back on a plane.
But what can we do? We live in a country that devours its inhabitants.
If it’s possible to carry out an investigation and to make headlines, especially regarding Liberman and his people, then let’s get going.
Why not? The worst-case scenario is that in a few years they’ll have to send out another letter saying that the case has been closed. So what? Will someone ask them for explanations? Will someone request that they not be promoted or that they have their rank lowered? They will just continue in their usual way and destroy the good name of someone else. And the public wonders why people like Ayalon go into politics.
And the freedom fighters say that they decided only now to clean shop.
What’s wrong with that? Does it matter why they waited until now to tattle? The important thing is that they are purifying the public service.
But that’s it – they’re not! All of these acquittals, every investigation that ends with a whimper and every groundless sensational headline, weakens the public’s confidence in the police, the prosecution and law enforcement. Time and again we discover that their judgment is problematic. They have no trouble investing large amounts of money and time on trivialities that make headlines, instead of actually fighting crime.
This is a shame because we, the citizens, are the ones who are losing out.
And the real criminals are winning because there are not enough resources to deal with them.
We have people like Danny Ayalon to thank for this.
Translated by Hannah Hochner.