Too many chiefs, not enough leaders

Have we all lost our minds as well as our common sense?

Gershom Gale (photo credit: )
Gershom Gale
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Have we all lost our minds as well as our common sense? The time when Israel needed as many "civil servants" as possible in its socialistic attempt to guarantee everyone a job for life is long past. And if this is true for civil servants, it's doubly so for elected officials. There are fewer than seven million people in this entire country, for heaven's sake. Many of the world's medium-sized cities are bigger, in both area and population. We need three (or is that four?) police forces and levels of government? We need two distinct chief rabbinates? We need "secular" and "religious" legal systems, each with its own leaping lawyers and creeping courts? And meanwhile our roads are more patch than pavement, our schools more abominable than admirable, and our security seems to have become as negotiable as our politicians' virtue. Ah, but it's not so simple, say the simpletons in charge. We must cobble together yet another committee, co-opt yet another commission, form yet another political party to untie such Gordian knots. What nonsense! Want a simple solution? Why not turn this entire crazy-quilt of a country into a single, decently sized, competently run city state and call it New Jerusalem? Think about it. The writer is a veteran Post staffer and editor of The Jerusalem Post Christian Edition.