Readers react to Tel Aviv terror shooting

When Israel refuses to assert its sovereignty, it encourages terrorists and the liars whose narratives delegitimize the sovereign Jewish state of Israel.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
I’m horrified by what happened at the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv (“Three killed in shooting attack at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market,” June 9). The callousness of Palestinian gunmen killing and wounding people who are enjoying an evening out is proof yet again of the perverted mindset of Hamas and its followers.
After the many knife and vehicle attacks on unsuspecting bystanders, the world outside Israel must finally wake up, delegitimize and ban Hamas, an evil, murderous organization of terrorist thugs that adds insult to injury by praising the gunmen for their actions.
Can anyone please tell me why murdering innocent people during the holy month of Ramadan is supposed to be a particularly glorious act in Islam, and how, after this latest atrocity, it is still possible to claim that Islam is a religion of “peace,” as defenders of that faith try to make us believe? Islam will become a religion of peace only once imams the world over start telling their people that murdering fellow human beings is wrong!
Villingen, Germany
I wonder if a B’Tselem cameraman was at the Sarona Market to check that no harm was done to the “innocent” Palestinians who murdered diners and shoppers.
With regard to the infuriating headline “The terrorists who slipped through the net” (Analysis, June 9), what net? We recently heard how all kinds of restrictions on the (enemy) Arab population had been relaxed so that these people could happily celebrate Ramadan with their families. Here is the obvious result.
Until lately, I agreed with almost everything that Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman said. But as soon as he became defense minister, maybe he thought he had to prove to the world what a “good guy” he really was. Well guess what: The world doesn’t care. And for the deadly experiment, four lives were lost and many people were wounded.
Every time we try to make a peace-like gesture to the Arabs (remember Gush Katif?), we end up paying in blood. How long before we realize that this stupidity just isn’t worth it? As a mother, a grandma and now a great-grandma, I beg our government: Keep that net shut tight. Am I sorry that the Arabs won’t be able to celebrate Ramadan the way they want to? Not very.
Petah Tikva
After the terror attack in Tel Aviv, the airwaves were full of queries on how to hermetically seal all of our borders.
This would be a waste of time and money. All the Arabs have to do is steal a vehicle with Israeli number plates, thereby gaining access to supposedly secure areas.
I think the most important thing is to stop the rampant vehicle theft perpetrated by Arabs. Then they cannot get across useless borders.
Petah Tikva
I believe we can best honor the memory of the victims of Wednesday evening’s Tel Aviv terrorist attack by asserting Jewish sovereignty, with significant and severe consequences: • Kill all terrorists immediately and do not return their bodies to their communities for martyrdom.
• Revoke residency and work permits, revoke state benefits and restrict utility services for all residents of a terrorist’s community.
• Enact and implement treason laws so that anyone (including Knesset MKs) who incites violence against Jews, illegally communicates with terrorists or otherwise acts against the state can be prosecuted for treason, stripped of citizenship and deported.
• Revoke press credentials and deport journalists who use inaccurate nomenclature.
The capital of Israel is Jerusalem. The “West Bank” is Judea and Samaria. “Settlers” are citizens living in Israel. “Militants” are terrorists.
• Enact and implement an “embassy law” that imposes significant financial penalties for each day the US Embassy remains in Tel Aviv.
When Israel refuses to assert its sovereignty, it encourages terrorists and the liars whose narratives delegitimize the sovereign Jewish state of Israel.
Beit Shemesh