The UAE-Israel deal was of biblical proportions, but more miracles exist

How about a hidden, unacknowledged, miracle in Israel that has not been openly addressed?

‘PRIESTS OF the Tabernacle,’ with high priest at center, wearing the ‘hoshen hamishpat.’ (Illustration from the 1897 ‘Bible Pictures and What They Teach Us, (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
‘PRIESTS OF the Tabernacle,’ with high priest at center, wearing the ‘hoshen hamishpat.’ (Illustration from the 1897 ‘Bible Pictures and What They Teach Us,
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
In his “Biblical scenes are playing out before our eyes,” Dov Lipman produced original insights into parallels between the agreements made between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Discussing how these were not just of historic in nature, Lipman emphasized they were of “biblical proportions.”
His depiction of the love of Abraham for his two sons, Ishmael and Isaac, is skillfully carried into the present-day relationship between cousins – Israel and Arab states. He aptly closes describing these Abrahamic Accords as being “the fulfillments of ‘biblical prophecies.” It is a miracle revealed, some say, for Israel to have become a key player making peace on the Middle East stage.
How about a hidden, unacknowledged, miracle in Israel that has not been openly addressed? Which has not, until now, been recognized as such. Namely miraculous manna – which the children of Israel received from heaven. This biblical food could be seen as paralleled today in Israel, though it’s children hardly seem to relate to it as such. COVID-19 has halted or curtailed much in society, such as transportation, businesses and family meetings. But it has not prevented constant supplies of goods.
Supermarkets abound with food and vegetables, including leeks, garlic, courgettes, fish, meat, bottled water and numerous delicacies. Where do they all come from? How do they all miraculously appear on loaded shelves? And how now are we inundated with suppliers of etrogim (citron), lulavim (palm branch) and the Seven Species?
Sukkah builders appear, and, to top it all, s’chach to cover the sukkah so that stars may be seen peeping through will soon line our pavements. How do they all miraculously appear for the festival of Sukkot, which no coronavirus will stop? How do these products get here? Not to mention lots of newborns arriving... Heavenly indeed!
Heavenly choruses of birds cheerfully chirp their way throughout my outdoor minyan. We are all praying in “capsules” – once only considered for moon rocketing. But clusters of feathered friends freely crowd together with not a coronavirus between them?
Could it be that these birds, full throatedly, recognize what we do not? That they acknowledge the everyday miracle of manna from heaven? Perhaps appreciating “hakarat hatov” – recognizing the good – by their very symphonic existence acts as a blessing and vaccine against the viral pandemic? Maybe being unified in their group flights and landings further defends them by offering communal support?
Speaking of unity, maybe we could learn from those flocks. Maybe we’re suffering from a genetic component in our disunity absorbed from biblically recorded Tower of Babel aspirations. Then, people attempting ever more technological superiority tried to reach forbidden heights, resulting in their confusion, havoc and dispersion. Through acquiring 72 languages their common goal of attempting ever more technological superiority was destroyed.
Just for fun, take the numerical value of the letters of COVID and then add 19 – this also adds up to 72!!
We too are experiencing confusion, havoc, uncertainly, vulnerability and frailty to mention just a few discomforts. Could trappings of Babeldom be overcome by considering values set before us. This day and every day there are choices. To be compassionate, or not to be.
To blame, or not to blame. To recognize the miraculous, or to ignore and complain. Has our attitude today changed from our 40 years wandering in the wilderness, receiving free water and food – our heaven-sent manna? Why, we then asked, is this dew like substance not tasty?
Why do we have to take two portions on Friday and none on Shabbat? Why can’t we get it every day? We did not appreciate miracles then – and ended without achieving our dream of entering the Land of Israel despite the fact that we were led by selfless leaders – Moses and Aaron.
Such a Biblical pairing is one for which we devoutly wish – a miracle as a salve for this distressing coronavirus pandemic. All that happened thousands of years ago is a salutatory lesson. But one with hope since today we are blessedly here in the State of Israel. A miracle in itself “of Biblical proportions” so clearly expressed by Lipman.
Choosing to see miracles gives energy to face the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,” as Shakespeare put it. Creating an enriching, responsible and meaningful life is one which we pray will allow us to be inscribed in the Book of Life.
The writer is a psychotherapist and founder of the Shalshelet Enhancing Relationships Centre.