The Bible is an important religious text that holds a central place in Judaism and Christianity. 

The book itself contains a vast number of individual religious works compiled together, with the writings forming the basis of the Jewish and Christian religions and traditions. 

The Bible itself differs between Jews and Christians in terms of content, with the Jewish Bible (the Tanach) only consisting of 24 books found in the Old Testament, while the Christian Bible also contains the works of the New Testament.

Its words have continued to help shape the course of history by driving these religions forward and have been studied and interpreted by countless scholars and experts for well over a thousand years. 

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Parashat Va’eira: Fact-checking

The small act of improving Moses’s speaking abilities would have gone a long way toward improving his ambitious agenda, yet God preserved Moses’s speech impediment.


Parashat Va’eira: From weakness to strength

In this week’s parasha, Va’eira, God revealed His ineffable Name to Moses, in an attempt to fortify him to continue his task.

Parashat Va’eira: Who can’t?

A careful reading of Pharaoh’s words to Moses and Aaron shows an interesting linguistic oddity.

Parashat Shemot: Attitudes about us

With the rise of anti-Jewish behavior around the world, we also need to pause and realize we are not alone as we have been in the past.

Parashat Shemot: Orthodox Jews & ‘tikkun olam’

The common thread of all these stories is Moshe’s compassion for the underdog and his moral indignation toward injustice.


Parashat Shemot: A conspiracy of women

In this first instance of Pharaoh’s underestimation of women, he fails to recognize that women who bring life into the world are unworthy allies in facilitating violent death


Parashat Shemot: Courageous woman in Pharaoh’s palace

Pharaoh’s daughter is one of the courageous women we meet in parashat Shemot, alongside the Hebrew midwives Shifra and Pu’ah, Yocheved and Miriam.

Reforms and revolutions: Is Israel heading towards civil war?

The Jerusalem Post Podcast with Yaakov Katz and Tamar Uriel-Beeri

Parashat Vayehi: The conversation

It is hard to imagine Joseph actually falling for this transparent lie. Dishonesty, deception, and indirect communication are telltale signs of a toxic relationship, lacking any semblance of trust.


Parashat Vayehi: Blame or gratitude? A message from Joseph

What would happen between Joseph and his brothers, now that their father was gone? We, as readers, sense an imminent drama in the story.

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