Inside Israeli Innovation, ep. 3: The food tech revolution

Maayan Hoffman & Zachy Hennessey look at how plants, cells and even bugs could be the proteins of the future.

 A black soldier fly. (photo credit: PR)
A black soldier fly.
(photo credit: PR)

In this week's episode of Inside Israeli Innovation, Maayan Hoffman and Zachy Hennessey talk about the food tech revolution as investments in Israel and worldwide continue to flow into the alternative protein and food additive arenas despite the economic downturn. 

You'll learn how plants, the cloning of cells and even flies (yes, bugs!) could offer a high protein option for less money and without the negative environmental impact.

Zachy talks with Brevel CEO Yonatan Golan, which is using what it calls "breakthrough technology" to unlock the true potential of microalgae as the ultimate source of sustainable protein.

Maayan then speaks with Tamar Field Gersh, a business and life coach who has raised her family vegetarian and talks about the art of healthy eating while providing entrepreneurial inspiration. 

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