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Future Meat Technologies produces its first lab-grown lamb

Cultivated meat is potentially a good way to produce meat sustainably as it frees up many resources required to raise cattle.

Tnuva to establish R&D center dedicated to alternative protein

More and more Israelis are moving away from animal-based protein sources, and Tnuva aims to "to lead the field while facilitating the products’ accessibility to the wider public."

UN delegation visits Israel to check out its climate tech

The country’s growing interest in ESG principles makes them a prime asset in the world’s fight against climate change

SavorEat Robot Chef's plant-based burger, as you like it

SavorEat leverages the Internet of Things and cloud systems, digital manufacturing and artificial intelligence to customize plant-based patties based on consumer preferences.

Meat, milk and eggs: Israel’s making them without any animals

The advancement and growing popularity of alternative sources for dairy and meat products are indicative of a new wave of alt-food products appearing on shelves and menus around the world

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