Bay of Naples - Italy Special

The Jerusalem Post Podcast - Travel Edition, Episode 24

 Sorento, Italy (photo credit: DAVID HARRIS)
Sorento, Italy
(photo credit: DAVID HARRIS)

From magical sunrises to the only active volcano on mainland Europe, the boys head to the Bay of Naples, where they make traditional pizza, discover a 95% alcoholic beverage and interview one noisy donkey.

Making pizza in Naples (Credit: David Harris)Making pizza in Naples (Credit: David Harris)

This time:>Arriving in Naples by sea>Strolling Sorrento's alleyways>Donkey hotty>95%-alcoholic limoncello>How to make typical Italian cheeses>Going to the theater in ancient Pompei>How the "red-light district" got its name>A floating English pub farewell

Donkey hotty (Courtesy: Mark Gordon)Donkey hotty (Courtesy: Mark Gordon)

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