The Kosher Revolution in Dubai

The Jerusalem Post Podcast - Travel Edition, Episode 33

 Kosher Breakfast at Hilton Al Habtoor (photo credit: DAVID HARRIS)
Kosher Breakfast at Hilton Al Habtoor
(photo credit: DAVID HARRIS)

People who keep kosher often scratch around to find a destination that can meet their dietary needs. Many return to the same hotel each year because it's the place where they feel comfortable keeping kosher. 

As Mark and David discover, there's a new kosher kid on the tourism block. Dubai offers excellent options for the kosher traveler, alongside a burgeoning Jewish community that calls Dubai home. This time the guys visit kosher venues and meet the chefs, rabbis and hotel teams that have opened a multitude of possibilities for the kosher visitor.

This time:

  • Welcome to Al Habtoor City Hotel Collection
  • Meet executive chef Nicholas
  • So what are we having for lunch?
  • Is La Perle the world's greatest show?
  • Not just kosher. Iftar too!
  • The kosher breakfast buffet
  • Meet the rabbi who blazing the kosher trail
  • The Kosher Place and chef Shimon
  • What do the locals think about the changing Jewish landscape of Dubai?
  • Armani style meets kosher - in the world's tallest building
  • Getting down to business with one of the first executives to embrace kosher in Dubai.
Jewish Community Dubai (credit: David Harris)Jewish Community Dubai (credit: David Harris)

Mark and David were guests of Al Habtoor City Hotel Collection. 

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