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The Jerusalem Post Podcast - Travel Edition, Episode 46

 Health Burgers  (photo credit: MarkDavidPod)
Health Burgers
(photo credit: MarkDavidPod)

ZOYA Health & Wellbeing Resort lies between mangroves, a golf course, flamingo lake and The Arabian Gulf. It's the perfect place to relax, have the latest high-tech treatments and delicious calorie-controlled food and as Mark and David discovered far more besides.

 This time:

Mark and David decide it's time for a lifestyle change!

  • Of waterbeds and waterjets
  • I've got a toothpaste kinda feeling
  • Breathe slow, breathe deep - or just open your windows
  • The Israeli yoga master in Arabia
  • A diagnostic test like no other
  • Mr. Oz is wizard
  • A kitchen snack sneak peek
  • An appointment with Dr. Sindy
  • "I'm not putting those on."
  • Did Mark really fall asleep during a deep-tissue Thai massage?
  • Venus gets up close and personal with David
  • Keep young and beautiful
  • Until the next time

Mark and David were guests of ZOYA Health & Wellbeing Resort

ZOYA Health & Wellbeing Resort (Credit: MarkDavidPod)ZOYA Health & Wellbeing Resort (Credit: MarkDavidPod)

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