Bucharest Part 1 - Synagogues, Art & MasterChef Cuisine

The Jerusalem Post Podcast - Travel Edition, Episode 50

 Choral Temple synagogue  (photo credit: @MarkDavidPod   )
Choral Temple synagogue
(photo credit: @MarkDavidPod )

Remarkably, more Israelis visit Bucharest than people from any other county. As soon as you land, it's clear to see why it's such a popular destination: some of the top restaurants are run by an Israeli chef, the old Jewish area is rich with culture past and present and there's a burgeoning art scene to cap off a great visit.

This time:

  •  Where art thou, Mark?
  • Is it a synagogue, opera house or both?
  • The wonderful Zambaccian art collection
  • Hear the most unusual, historic sounds of the Cajal Jewish Museum
  • What on earth is urban anthropology?
  • Food at last, with the top Masterchef judge
  • Mark, please get off the phone, you have a plane to catch!

Mark and David were guests of Bucharest City Hall, the Embassy of Romania in Israel and Tarom.

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