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marallyn ben-moshe
Astrology for the week of January 11th, 2008.
TIP FOR THE WEEK: This is the time for tying off loose ends and for taking care of unfinished business. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> CAPRICORN (EARTH) DECEMBER 22-JANUARY 19 So much is happening right now and although you are not as active as you would like, take this break to catch up on some much needed rest. Soon you will feel such a rush of energy and optimism that all the problems of the past few months will seem small and unimportant. Sometimes change is good and this is one of those times. HINT: You may not feel as strong and energetic as you used to but within a week or so you should be back to your old self once again. AQUARIUS (AIR) JANUARY 20-FEBRUARY 18 The time has come for you to appreciate the little things in life which bring you great pleasure, rather than dwell on the few things which continue to be just outside your reach. In the days and weeks to come you will be amazed at just how much you have accomplished and how close you have come to reaching your goals. In the meantime 'introspection' will be your mantra. HINT: Take some time off to visit a childhood friend. PISCES (WATER) FEBRUARY 19-MARCH 20 You have always had a strong group of friends around you and in troubled times some of them have become your support team. The coming weeks will find you in a position to do something special for one of these people and you will not hesitate to reach out. Your kindness will not go unrewarded. Your relationship with another water sign will bring good fortune to you both. HINT: Pace yourself-you need to get more balance in your life. ARIES (FIRE) MARCH 21-APRIL 19 You will be spending a great deal of time and energy forging ahead professionally in the weeks to come. You basically know what you want-you positively know what you don't want, and all that is left is for you to make a few decisions which will point you in the right direction. HINT: You continue to feel that some members of your family don't share your vision. That is all right. It's your life, after all. TAURUS (EARTH) APRIL 20-MAY 20 Before signing any important papers or documents, take a step back to double check yourself. Even minor changes could have major results so tread warily. This is a perfect time for you to begin a new course or two which you have been interested in. HINT: Time spent with a Sagittarius this week will be interesting and extremely pleasant. GEMINI (AIR) MAY 21-JUNE 21 This is not the time for spreading yourself too thin-you are already overworked and under a great deal of stress. Back off and wherever necessary, simply say NO. Take some time to re-evaluate your life and admit your mistakes; then, take a deep breath and move on. HINT: Soon you will have to make some very important decisions concerning money and property. CANCER (WATER) JUNE 22-JULY 22 This is not the time to let your imagination run away with you. You have worked hard to get where you are and in your heart you know you are on the right track. Of course there will be bumps along the way - that is what makes life interesting. You have to organize your week better so that you can begin to finish a project that has been sitting on your desk for too long. HINT: It is important that you build a strong bridge between yourself and your partner as together you are an awesome team. LEO (FIRE) JULY 23-AUGUST 22 You won't have the time or energy this week to waste on social events and even dinner out with friends could eat into the little pockets of space you have left open for yourself. Don't be upset-you have to do what you have to do. This is a good week for working on a project that will tax you intellectually. Be frugal with your money as a trip abroad is in your future. HINT: If you want the facts, speak with a Virgo. If you want a hug, phone a Pisces. But, if you want the answers, talk to yourself. VIRGO (EARTH) AUGUST 23-SEPTEMBER 22 Don't waste time looking for flaws that aren't there. Instead, accept the fact that no one is perfect and enjoy time with a person who is really a true friend. Professionally, you may have to take a back seat for a couple of weeks, and this will provide you with a perfect opportunity to catch up on some rest while you plot your next move. HINT: Sunday and Monday are perfect days for working in harmony with a partner and/or mate. LIBRA (AIR) SEPTEMBER 23-OCTOBER 23 Time spent with a sibling is always good but now is the perfect time for not only solidifying your relationship, but for planning a joint project which is dear to both of you. Together you are an unbeatable team. Money and finances have been a source of concern over the past few months, but there is a huge light at the end of the tunnel, so don't give up. HINT: A change in your home is expected and once you get used to the idea, you will see that it all for the best. SCORPIO (WATER) OCTOBER 24-NOVEMBER 21 In the weeks to come there will be a change for the better in your financial situation and soon you will be able to make some important decisions as to which direction you wish your professional life to go. There are so many people rooting you on that your heart is full. Take a little time off this week to catch up on some of that paper work that has been piling up on your desk. HINT: New friends are wonderful but old ones continue to be the best. SAGITTARIUS (FIRE) NOVEMBER 22-DECEMBER 21 For so long now you have been working hard, planning your future, and managing to get by. Now, in the weeks to come, you will have the feeling that a heavy weight has been lifted off your shoulders as things simply begin to fall into place and all your hard work will start bearing fruit. You are a good friend and easily attract people by your honesty, integrity, and joy of life. HINT: Now is a good time to begin strengthening your relationship with a sibling.
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