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infected mushrooms.(Photo by: RAMI DIABLO)
Entranced by Infected Mushroom
Internationally renowned Israeli psychedelic trance giants return home for an outdoor show in Rishon Lezion.
No detailed instructions are required when it comes to the music of Infected Mushroom.

Undoubtedly the most famous psytrance duo from Israel, their maze-like, omnipresent sound is perfect for getting lost in.

An outdoor performance under the night sky will provide a memorable return to Israel for the band. On April 2 at the newly opened Live Park amphitheater in Rishon Lezion, fans will be treated to their “Friends On Mushrooms” show, along with the popular rock & roll puppet Red Band and numerous guest appearances.

Between Eren Eisen and Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani choosing synth over analog sounds in the 1990s, sticking with a software called Cubase, to single-handedly transforming an entire electronic music genre called psychedelic trance, it’s no surprise their fans’ devotion verges on the biblical. Though the past few years have witnessed a tidal wave of young, electronic DJs, labeled the “laptop culture,” Eisen and Duvdevani showcase their veteran skill by harnessing their backgrounds, which are based upon classical music training, an average of over 120 live performances a year and a nine-album output.

The duo is based in Los Angeles, a move that’s afforded them the benefits of closer proximity to acts like Korn and Jane’s Addiction. But leaving Israel hasn’t removed their cultural core. As Duvdevani puts it, “We are always thinking of new ways to keep the show fresh and mind-blowing, and this thinking usually happens around a table of tahini and kebabs.”

We recently had a chance to talk with Duvdevani on how far Infected Mushroom has come, and where it’s going.

Firstly, what is it about trance music that hits the spot? It’s melodic, aggressive, emotional, energetic and psychedelic! It basically encompasses a wide range of human emotions, which attracts people on a very subconscious level.

Being a DJ in this day and age seems to be about the entertainment of it all, the glitz, the glamour and the attention. Give us a little bit of an insight into your real life.

Real life?
Diapers, bottles, babies and sleep deprivation from long night (not of the partying kind by the way).

Do you think growing up in Israel, with the landscape, the culture, paved the way for your musical style and passion to remain somehow different from the rest of the world? Yes, definitely, Israel has a very special sound. We were raised in a high-impact society and this is reflected in much of the electronic music from the region.

You’ve now been making music with Erez for close to two decades.

How do you both stay on the same page, and stay motivated? Well sometimes we aren’t on the same page, but I think that’s what makes us great. We are the yin and the yang and complement each other very well. Motivation comes through our experiences in life. We love seeing crowds go absolutely crazy to our music and the only way we balance our lives is with our families.

What’s the craziest interaction you’ve had with a fan? Definitely multiple fans who have tattooed our logos and faces onto their bodies! Your first album, ‘The Gathering,’ was released 16 year ago. How has the process of making music changed for you over the years? Well now we have allowed ourselves to be influenced completely by our surroundings.

We both love what each new generation of producers brings to the table, and we really try to stay relevant by evolving our own personal sound. The key for us is to continue doing this and incorporating our signature “infected” sound.

What are your thoughts on the uprising of “EDM” worldwide, especially in the US, and all those huge shows with only one guy performing on a stage
? It’s great, why not? Now is the time for the nerdy computer geek to become the rock star.

What preparations go into a set, like “Super Classico 4” coming up on April 2? We are always thinking of new ways to keep the show fresh and mind-blowing, and this thinking usually happens around a table of tahini and kebabs. We’re so excited for this show, and have no doubt it’s going to be insane.

For more info on Infected Mushroom and the Super Classico 4 concert visit
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