Does Obama Want Peace for Israel?
When president Obama decided to make the Iran deal that stopped the sanctions what was his motive?
Iran was furiously attempting to build nuclear weapons. It was stockpiling uranium, building super fast centrifuges and repeatedly threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Iran was also recognized as the # 1 terrorist state. It was responsible for more terror throughout the world as well as  terror within its own country than any other country in recent history. Quite an achievement.

So why just when the hard won sanctions were finally taking traction by crippling Iran's economy did Obama step in and ease them off? Why did he decide to release 150 billions dollars to Iran? Was this money ear marked to rebuild their fragile economy? Was he scared that Israel might attack Iran and start a terrible world war 3? Obama has stated numerous times that he has Israel's back. Maybe he felt that Israel's PM is too far right and considers him and his cabinet way too hawkish and therefore dangerous. Perhaps the president thought that he knew what's best for Israel and for the world. Is that why he leaked Israel's agreements with local countries that enabled her to fly their jets in their airspace on their way to Iran? He tried to avert a war and save the Jewish people, right?

One must ask, why should a country like Iran be allowed to even have nuclear weapons, or access to items that are required to build them. Some have said (like former Iranian president Ahmedinajad) that many countries (like mine-Canada) have numerous nuclear reactors, so why can't Iran? Surely they should be entitled to have them for peaceful purposes like for generating cheap electricity. But Iran has so much cheap oil, that makes no sense. Maybe they want to use it for nuclear medicine? Discover a cure for cancer? Is anyone buying this? 

What about this latest anti-Israel resolution passed by the UN Security Council? Obama's administration says that they want peace for Israel. And the only to get it was for Israel to stop building in what the US calls 'illegal settlements in the occupied territories'. Apparently this includes the Jewish holiest site, the Western Wall in Old Jerusalem. After all, as John Kerry stated, as long as Israel builds apartments in these areas for Jews, how will there ever be a state for the Palestinians?
The US denies that it pushed for the resolution although Bibi and others (Egypt) claim they are able to prove otherwise. In any case, this is a reversal of a long time US policy to veto dangerous anti-Israel resolutions from the UN security council. And Obama made this happen towards the end of his 8 years in office. 
But Obama has put out the rumours for months if not years that he would eventually turn on Israel before he gives up his job to his arch enemy Trump.  We could have easily seen where he was going when he said way back in 2009 that there needs to be daylight between the US and Israel in order for there to be peace. 
Despite him saying he had Israel's back, he's been constantly stabbing Israel in the back all the while insulting Jewish leaders in the States and elsewhere (Israel's PM). So finally near the end of his term (thank G-d) he's hit the jackpot. He agrees with and pushed for the insane resolution (one of hundreds) that accuses Israel of building illegal settlements in her own country, including in her own capital, Jerusalem. Furthermore he's promoting the lie that this is what is stopping any possible peace agreement between Israel and the arabs. Surely the lack of peace in the region has nothing to do with the Muslim doctrine to hate, subjugate and kill all non muslims with Jews at the top of their list!
The fact that it's the Muslims who are the terrorists seems to be somehow overlooked by Obama and his party. The fact that Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem are legally Israel's land which they have legal title to under the Mandate for Palestine seems to be irrelevant. 
This is not just some academic argument. This is a real life decision about whether to allow thousands of Muslim terrorists to rain down missiles, bombs and bullets on to innocent Israelis. All this from an indefensible border of less than 9 miles deep! Can you imagine a tiny country surrounded with millions of people who want to annihilate you and the world insists that you give them (your enemy) even more land that would turn your country into a tiny strip of densely populated land between the Mediterranean Sea and Judea and Samaria (West Bank). And why do these millions of muslims want to kill Israelis? Because they are Jews.
Donald Trump tried to stop the resolution which was originally submitted by Egypt who subsequently withheld the resolution. He almost succeeded but thanks to Obama they pushed the vote through the following day with other terror sponsoring or Islamist sympathizing states. 
Trump can't get in soon enough. Obama's game is to try to do as much damage as he can before he gets kicked out. Damage not only to his own country. From delegitimizing Trump's election by ordering sanctions against Russia for supposed meddling into the US election to killing the national energy industry but also creating as many foreign policy disasters as possible. This libel thrown on Israel's back is just the latest. You can bet there will be more.
Is it bad? Yes but in a good way. The same way you usually feel worse after taking medicine for a sickness, things will get worse before they get better. But I do think they will get better once Trump is in. This just pushed the bubble up to the surface faster. Without Trump (good) and Obama (evil) we would be slowly sinking down. Without real nasty Islamic terror we wouldn't notice the slow deterioration of our countries in the West. Jihad by immigration is killing Europe but even they are blind unless they are exposed to nasty Islamism like the raping of their daughters or thousands of no go zones. And sadly many still don't get it because the terrorists didn't commit enough terror. The more crap Obama throws at us the more we are forced to evaluate reality and come to the only valid conclusion: He's no good. Islamism is no good. The UN which is run by Islamic, backward theocratic states is no good. The Democratic party which plans to elect as its leader Keith Ellison, an advocate for the Muslim Brotherhood and other terror sponsoring, Jew hating, American hating, Israel bashing groups (he is the first Muslim congressman) is no good.
I figure a few large Islamic terrorist events on the scale of 9/11 but hopefully in Germany where it's most likely and fitting to occur might finally open the eyes to the non believers. Those that still don't believe that Islam is the threat (it is not a religion like any other) and that Obama is no less evil. 


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