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Are all the online essay writing companies the same? They definitely look very similar when you look through the results a search engine presents. Nonetheless, there are different categories of such companies that try to meet various needs of their clients. Some students are looking for an opportunity to buy essays cheap while others are trying to find a service that would deliver a polished and original thesis sample. This article is going to shed some light on these categories. As it is in the case of any other service or product, companies try to find their unique selling point to attract the attention of prospective clients. Therefore, it is beneficial for you as a prospective client to be able to see those differences. Then, you will make the right choice and get the best possible results out of this cooperation. Here is the list of the most popular categories. You can choose a company that meets your current needs.

Best 6 Cheap Essay Writing Service:

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Reasonable prices for your convenience


Variety of disciplines to choose from


Pay less and cooperate with experienced writers


Place urgent orders and get them on time


Cooperate with the most experienced writers


Communicate with your assistant directly

Categories to Consider

Services that focus on urgent orders. When you are a student, every minute counts. Facing penalties for turning in your assignments late is not an option if you want to have a high GPA score. At the same time, meeting deadlines is a real challenge when you have a busy schedule. It is also a common situation when students forget about writing assignments and realize that there is an essay due tomorrow morning. For this kind of situation, there are services like It is a popular choice for those who need emergency assistance when it comes to writing assignments. The experts here specialize in delivering orders within 4 hours. Therefore, it becomes easy to meet even the most challenging deadlines.  

Services that focus on the quality of content. What do you feel when your teacher tells you that your final grade depends on how well you cope with one single writing assignment? Without a doubt, the pressure rises and it becomes even more difficult to write an essay that can meet the expectations of your teacher. When the stakes are this high, students are looking for possible ways of increasing the probability of coping with this task successfully. Hiring an online expert is one of the options. Services like focus on the qualifications of the employees and hire only experienced writers. This approach allows the company to assure the high quality of content that they deliver to clients. Therefore, if you need to increase the chances of scoring high on your assignments, this option is worth consideration.

Services that let you choose an assistant. If you want to have total control over the process, you need to choose a custom writing service that has the option of choosing an expert from the list of possible candidates. The procedure is simple: after you have filled out an order form, you will see a list of writers that are ready to start working on your order. You will see all the necessary information about every candidate to make an informed decision. If you need something else to make the right choice, you can also have a chat with some of the writers. Note that writers, as a rule, will have a personal rating. This rating is formed by the reviews of every expert's previous clients. The higher the rating, the more satisfied the clients were with the quality of content.

Services that employ an impressive number of writers. What can you do when the topic of your assignment is very narrow and specific? Where can you find an assistant who has relevant background? For situations like this, there are companies like They prioritize the variety of disciplines over other features to make sure every client can get the necessary assistance. Moreover, they make sure that there are enough writers so that the clients do not have to wait for a long time. Therefore, no matter how rare is the discipline or how narrow is the topic of your project, you will find a qualified assistant to support you. As a rule, companies have a selection of over 70 disciplines and employ around 500 experts to meet the needs of their clients.

Services that focus on the pricing policy. All of the features are important but pricing plays a key role when it comes to choosing a reliable company. Everybody is looking for a cheap essay writing service that can deliver the expected results. After all, you don't care what special services a company can offer when there is no way you can afford to place an order there. That is why you can find many companies that set low prices and still manage to meet the requirements of their clients. Many of them offer discounts when you place an order for the first time. On top of that, companies often have loyalty programs. The more orders you place, the bigger discount you get.

Cheap Reliable Essay Writing Service — How to Find One?

What to pay attention to when making a choice

Now that you are aware of different types of companies that can make your student life less stressful, it is time to review the process of choosing one of them. Except for the analysis of the circumstances you find yourself under, you need to consider other factors as well. Therefore, it is not enough for you to conclude that you need a service with the highest quality of content. You will find almost an endless number of services that have this kind of marketing positioning. To make an informed decision, you need to examine numerous features. Here are some tips to make this process easier.

  • Does a company have a Plan B? It is a very important question you need to answer when you are placing an order for the first time. The goal is to check what guarantees the company of your choice offers. What Will the managers do if you are not happy with the delivered order? Is it possible to get a refund or cancel your order? Even though there are many questions to think about, you should not skip this stage. The guarantees of service show a responsible attitude towards every order. If they are present, it is a clear sign of the company caring about its reputation.
  • Is there a support team? And more importantly, is it available 24/7? You as a client never know what can go wrong after you've placed an order. The important part is to make sure that you have someone to address your questions to if things do not go as planned. Check if there is a convenient option of contacting the support team. For instance, you might be uncomfortable calling the managers and would prefer to have a live chat with them. Also, make sure that it's possible to contact them at any time you need.
  • Do the experts have relevant qualifications? It is one of the top 3 questions you need to consider when using online assistance. The quality of content and the result of your cooperation with an online assistant depend on their education and experience. To learn more about their background, you can read the corresponding section on a company's website. Also, you can chat directly with your assistant to find out more details. Not all the services offer you this option, so check if it is present. Remember that you have the option to order some of the recent samples of your assistant's projects. In that way, you will be able to evaluate the skills of your writer.
  • Is it safe to make a payment? Even though it is the last thing you are going to do during the process of placing an order, you can't underestimate it. The matter of secure payments often becomes a cornerstone of making the right choice. If the company you are considering using does not have a convenient payment method, you might start looking for another one. As a rule, trustworthy services cooperate only with reputable international payment agents. Your goal is to find one using this option as an obvious sign that is easy to check.
  • Will you get original content? Finally, your task is to make sure that the sample you receive is original. Every student knows the discouraging consequences of plagiarism. Therefore, a service you are going to use should give you the guarantee of a plagiarism-free environment. Note that there are companies that not only run the samples with popular plagiarism checkers but also have their own algorithms to do that. As the result, every client gets a unique sample that has all the required references.

Once you have considered all of these factors, you are ready to make the best possible choice. Do not hesitate to contact the managers of a service you want to use to get more information. After all, you are paying a considerable amount of money to face this many risks. It is your right to learn as much as you can about the company you want to entrust with your assignments.

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