Bizzmosis: One-stop-shop for all tailored business solutions

 Marianna Bulbuc, CEO, Bizzmosis (photo credit: Bizzmosis)
Marianna Bulbuc, CEO, Bizzmosis
(photo credit: Bizzmosis)

Bizzmosis is a leading UAE Government Affairs specialist, serving over 7,000 entities as a one-stop-shop for all tailored business solutions such as business operation permits and approvals, business licensing, registration, and restructuring in the UAE and middle east region, as well as residency visas and PRO services, product manufacturing, registration, import and export permits. Tax, VAT, and accountancy services.

“Bizzmosis Group has a strong history of making things possible by nurturing government relationships that have earned us a reputation as Miracle Workers - not only for expanding the realm of what can be done but contracting the amount of time required to do it," explained the CEO, Mrs. Marianna Bulbuc. “We are the knowledge partner of Dubai Chamber, Department of Economic Developments (DED), Ministry of Economy, Economic Startup hubs, FDI, DTCM, and many more government and semi-government partnerships not just in the UAE but in the region and in the African market.”

When it comes to Israel, Bizmossis already serves numerous Israeli investors mainly in real estate, meditech and development of software platforms, that will facilitate and create e-commerce. “Collaboration with Israel is key, in finding the right resources, exchange of trade and expertise, and attracting cash flow and investment. Bizzmosis is at the forefront in creating this platform and developing said relationships.” Bulbuc said. “We believe Israel and the UAE can become great allies in mutually coordinating and helping each other for future investment and support, undoubtedly Bizzmosis Group can be the bridge towards that future.”

This article is written in cooperation with Bizzmosis Group.