Can the US interfere with Israel’s judicial reform?

MIDDLE ISRAEL: National Missions Minister Orit Struck gave her Jewish inversion, Antony Blinken, a piece of her mind after hearing what he had to say.

Blinken gave Netanyahu a ladder for his gov't, will he take it?

US-ISRAEL AFFAIRS: Antony Blinken has gotten involved in Israel's internal judicial reform debate.


Israel's coalition is dead set on passing the judicial reform - analysis

The coalition is continuing to further the judicial reform while holding back on defunding Kan and bringing Deri back as minister.

Jewish People Policy Institute campaigns for judicial reform compromise - exclusive

The JPPI's data showed that there is a real concern in Israel for an outbreak of violence and civil war over the judicial reform.

Israel needs to make its position on judicial reform clear to the world - Daroff

During the COP visit to Isreal, they will hear from different perspectives of the suggested judicial reform.


Plan to defund Israel's public broadcast service delayed indefinitely

The proposal to shut down KAN was brought forward by Communications Minister Shlomo Kahri.

Rabbi David Saperstein.

Prominent Jewish leaders criticize Israel’s new government

The criticism comes after 134 historians of Jewish and Israeli history accused PM Benjamin Netanyahu of threatening Israel's existence.


What unites us as the Jewish people? Positive thinking - opinion

We may differ about the meaning of a Jewish country and Zionism but not about the centrality of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people.


While we get distracted, antisemites undermine societal stability - opinion

It is difficult to understand why key allies would reflexively condemn the new Israeli government, even before understanding exactly how it will act and what it will try to accomplish.

Is Netanyahu focusing his judicial reform diplomacy efforts in English?

The video is part of a wave of efforts to sell proposed reforms to Israel’s judiciary to skeptical English speakers

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