Weekend lie-in: On Saturday, latest sunrise since War of Independence

A day before Israel reverts back from Daylight Saving Time, the sun is expected to rise after 07:00, a late daybreak by Israeli standards.

Sunrise in the Negev (photo credit: Courtesy)
Sunrise in the Negev
(photo credit: Courtesy)

Israelis are used to sunshine mornings, even in the winter. While the winter months see an early sundown, the winter clocks go back an hour on October 31 (this coming Saturday night) to allow for a light morning when getting up for work or school before 07:00 a.m.

The clocks usually change on the last week of October, but this year's few extra days give us the latest sunrise since the foundation of the State of Israel, N12 noted. 

A woman tries a new Apple Watch (credit: REUTERS/ISSEI KATO)A woman tries a new Apple Watch (credit: REUTERS/ISSEI KATO)

The last time the Daylight Savings Time remained for so long was during the Independence War in 1948, due to which a sunrise was marked at 07:15. 

The all time record in Israel was before the country was established, during WWII, when Israel was under British mandate. During the war, Britain decided to stay on Standard Time throughout the year, causing the winter mornings to see daybreak around 07:45, according to the N12 report.

Israel will be turning back the clock on Saturday night, from 2 a.m. an hour back to 1 a.m.