Ancient Mesoamerican calendar use far older than previously thought - study

The study sheds light on Mesoamerican history and shows that these ancient cultures use a calendar long before written evidence suggests.

Can you time travel through a black hole? - explainer

Here's what you need to know about black holes and whether it could allow someone to travel through time.

2023 ‘TIME100 Gala and Impact Awards’ to be held in Israel

Previous installments of the TIME100 Impact Awards have recognized architect David Adjaye, musicians Ellie Goulding and other prominent global leaders.

Israel uses Daylight Savings, but it may be bad for health, sleep - experts

The Sleep Research Society (SRS) insists that DST should be abolished completely, leaving Standard Time all year round.

Israel goes one hour back to winter clocks

The method of changing clocks between seasons is meant to create an overlap between the hours of human activity and the hours of daylight.

Love your memories: The things in your life that can never come back - opinion

To those of you still young, sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Things end, but memories last forever! 

New phase of matter could protect quantum computers against errors

The researchers still need to find a way to integrate the phase with the computational side of quantum computing.


Objecting to daylight savings: The annual theft of an hour - opinion

Do some basic fact-checking and it won’t take long to determine that the traditionally accepted reasons for instituting daylight-saving time are no more than myths and baseless legends.


Israel is moving to daylight savings time soon. Here’s how it’ll affect you

Very soon, Israel will be moving to daylight savings time. How will this affect us, and what actions can we take to prepare for the transition?

A power-generating windmill turbine is pictured during sunset at a renewable energy park in Ecoust-S

US Senate approves bill to make daylight saving time permanent

The House of Representatives, which has held a committee hearing on the matter, must still pass the bill before it can go to President Joe Biden to sign.

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