‘Smiling Sun’ photo captured by NASA observatory

The tweet, which was widely circulated and has nearly 20,000 likes, led to an outpour of memes and jokes regarding the incredible photo.

WATCH: A partial solar eclipse has come to Israel

The eclipse started at 12:58 p.m. Tuesday but is set to peak at around 2:11 p.m. before ending around an hour later.  The next one is in 2027.

Partial solar eclipse to be visible in Israel on Tuesday

The Moon will cover about 41-47% of the Sun for viewers in Israel during the eclipse. The next eclipse in Israel will be in 2027.

Solar Eclipse 2017 Captured from Union, Missouri

Scientists study Earth's rotation changes through Byzantine eclipses

Total eclipses provide vital information regarding changes in Earth's rotation. Scientists were able to use records of Byzantine Empire-era eclipses to study data gaps from the 4th-7th centuries.


Could more of the Earth's surface be made habitable for humans? - study

According to a new study, it is possible that a change in Jupiter’s orbit could possibly make earth more hospitable than it is today. 


A third of Russians believe Sun revolves around Earth - survey

One in five Russians believes that humans coexisted with dinosaurs.

Exposure to the sun makes men hungrier than women - Israeli study

Tel Aviv University Research: Open your wallets! Men will be much hungrier than women when they expose themselves to the sun’s rays.

NASA launches sounding rockets to look for habitable planets

The space agency launched two missions to gather measurements of ultraviolet light in order to understand what makes a planet's atmosphere habitable.

Study of Asteroid Ryugu sheds new light on Solar System's formation

Researchers at Okayama University analyzed a sample from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Haybusa2 mission.

  Pregnant woman (illustrative)

How to handle a pregnancy when it’s sizzling hot outside

Excessive humidity, insane temperatures, constant thirst and a big stomach? This is how to survive pregnancy when it’s sizzling outside.

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