10 best AI swappers you should be using right now

In this post, you will learn 10 best AI swappers to make stunning AI face swapping works on photo, video or GIFs. 1. Deepswap 2. FaceMagic 3. SwapStream

  (photo credit: Deepswap.ai)
(photo credit: Deepswap.ai)

These Are the Best AI Swappers You Should Be Using Right Now

Ever imagined yourself looking like your favorite movie star? Well, changing your actual physical appearance might be difficult, but with AI swappers, you can trick your social media followers into thinking you look just like that famous person. 

But how exactly do you go about doing that? And, more importantly, what are the best AI swap tools currently out there?

In this article, we will be going over all of this. We will explain how to use an AI face swapping tool and what the best AI face swapping apps are that you should be using right now. But, before we get to all of this...

What Exactly Are AI Swappers? 

Have you ever seen a deep fake? You know, the videos in which celebrities have their faces superimposed onto someone else’s body or in which they say things they would not normally say? An AI swapper is the tool that help you achieve that.

These types of artificial intelligence-powered software use complex machine learning algorithms to substitute someone’s face for a celebrity's or even any other random person. And the best thing is that some of these tools are very easy to use—in fact, you could get started creating your own AI face-swapped images today, and these are the best tools for the task:

The 10 Best AI Swappers You Can Use Today

     1. Deepswap [Recommended]

When it comes to AI face swapping, Deepswap is hard to beat. Although it does not have a mobile app, Deepswap can easily be accessed through any internet browser, making it the perfect tool for users who don’t want to download any software to their devices.

While the AI face swap online app offers some premium features, Deepswap has a comprehensive free plan. Users can use AI to face swap their pictures or videos for free. If they wish to remove watermarks or increase the length of video face swapping, they can subscribe to premium for as low as $9.99 per month. There is also a yearly option for $49.99.

Deepswap is extremely easy to use and allows users to create face-swapped videos, photos, and even gifs. It is one of the best AIswappers out there.

     2. FaceMagic

FaceMagic is an excellent tool that allows users to face swap videos and photos with just a few taps. Available for iOS and Android, FaceMagic is an app that will certainly help you improve your social media game.

This app lets you create unique videos by replacing your face with that of a famous actor, or the other way around. Starr in your favorite movies, create unique faceswap gifs to make fun of your friends, and share your creations directly from the app.

If you are looking for a simple app with great potential, then look no further. FaceMagic has got you covered.

Credit: Deepswap.aiCredit: Deepswap.ai

     3. SwapStream

Are you ready to bring the hottest celebrities into your live streams? SwapStream lets you create face-swapped live streams directly from your browser. No apps and no downloads—simply hit up the website, and you are ready to go.

SwapStream platform supports several social media and streaming accounts under a single SwapStream account, and the best thing is that it’s super easy to use. Basically, the AIswapper tool functions as a middleman between your camera and your live stream, swapping your face in real time with its top-of-the-line machine learning algorithm.

If you are a live streamer and want to surprise your viewers with a celebrity on your next stream, then SwapStream is the perfect app for you.

Credit: Deepswap.aiCredit: Deepswap.ai

     4. DeepFace Lab

DeepFace Lab is an open-source video AI face-swapping app. The main selling point of this tool is that, besides letting users face swap their videos, it also enhances any of the faces present in the video clip.

Unfortunately, this tool is somewhat tricky to use and not ideal for newbie users. If you are an expert user though, DeepFace Lab can be a fun tool to experiment with.

     5. Reface

Reface is a simple app that lets users swap faces with popular movie and TV actors. Although it can generate some fun videos, Reface is a somewhat basic app and hides most of its features behind a steep paywall.

     6. FaceApp

FaceApp is one of the most popular face-tuning apps there are. This app allows users to enhance and significantly change their selfies, and even comes with some fun other utility tools, like an AI face swapping filter.

The main problem is that, despite being a free app, FaceApp hides its AI face swapping tools behind their premium plan.

     7. Faceswapper.ai

Face Swapper AI is an online face swapping tool that gets the job done for free. It’s not the fastest nor the prettiest web app; however, it works. Their algorithm isn’t perfect, so users shouldn't expect a stellar job. Still, Face Swapper AI is free, and that alone can be very enticing.

     8. FaceHub

FaceHub is an AI swapping app that suffers from a janky website and some heavy restrictions for free users. Although users can generate some AI face swapped images for free, they are limited to choosing from a few preset faces and need to subscribe to premium to be able to upload their own photographs.

Still, it can be a fun tool to play with—just don’t expect the best results if you are a free user.

     9. Face Swap Live

Face Swap Live is a somewhat basic app that lets users swap their faces with their friends’ in real time. While it can be a fun app to play around with, Face Swap Live is somewhat limited and not something we would recommend to up your social media game with.

    10. Icons8 Face Swapper

Icons8 Face Swapper is an online face swapping tool that allows users to swap faces with multiple celebrities at a time. While the app itself is easy to use and works great, Icons8 Face Swapper suffers from not being able to handle videos or create funny AI gifs. 

What Are the Best AI Swappers for Face Swapping?

The best AI swapper for you will depend on your specific needs. If you want to create face-swapped gifs, videos, and photos directly from your browser, then DeepSwap is probably the best tool for you.

If you are looking for a smartphone app, then FaceMagic is also an excellent tool that you should consider. SwapStream is the best AI swapper if you are a live streamer that wants to surprise your viewers. 

How To Swap Faces with An AI Swapper App? 

Here, let’s take the most popular AI face swapper, Deepswap, as an example to make a fast face swap on video. Now, follow the step-by-step guide below:

Here, let’s take the most popular AI face swapper, Deepswap, as an example to make a fast face swap on video. Now, follow the step-by-step guide below:

  • Step 1. Upload a Source Video - Visit Deepswap official site and go to “Faceswap” page. Then, click “Upload File” button to send a source video with the face(s) you want to change.
  • Step 2. Choose Target Face(s) - In this step, you can upload an image with the target face(s) you want to paste to the source video. Just click “Add face” button and select the visage for your video. And then apply the “Faceswap”.
  • Step 3. Download Faceswap - The AI swapper will take a few seconds for the result generation. Then, click “Save” button to download your face swap video.


Although AI face swap is a very competitive field, some apps and tools are clearly better than their competition. If you are looking for the absolute best AI swapping app, then our recommendation has to go to DeepSwap or FaceMagic, as it’s the best AI swapper in 2023.

However, the top three apps from our list all offer a very good experience, for both free and premium users alike. If you want to impress your family and your friends with the best face-swapped photos and videos, then any of those apps will be perfect for you.This article was written in cooperation with MetaTech