19 Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Israel

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Digital marketing is crucial to the growth of any business as it helps reach a larger audience and cement a brand for that business. However, with so many digital marketing agencies available, it can be hard to know what agencies are worth it. Paying for digital marketing is an investment that companies shouldn’t take lightly. 

After going through this article, you’ll be able to choose the right digital marketing agency for your project. We sorted through hundreds of digital marketing agencies in Israel and abroad to find the 19 best digital marketing agencies in Israel. Let's look at the top 19 digital marketing agencies in Israel and what you need to know. 

Table of Contents

  • Adcore - our top pick, best marketing cloud services
  • Operad - best for eCommerce
  • K Logic - best for Facebook marketing
  • Xtra Mile - best for B2B technology companies
  • Abagada - best for data
  • Go Digital Marketing - best for audience targeting
  • Angora Media- best for startups
  • Pareto.Solutions - best for videos
  • Sivan Group - best for starting a brand
  • Daze - best for LinkedIn marketing
  • Kahena - best for personalization
  • B-Digital - best for project management
  • Convertix - best for CRO
  • QualityScore - best for leading brands
  • Marketing Envy - best for cyber security
  • AdsOn - best for real estate advertising
  • WEBSEM - best for Outbrain
  • Genesis - best for TikTok
  • Atomi - best for consulting

Things to consider when choosing a digital marketing agency

#1 Services Provided

Some digital marketing agencies will offer more services that fit your goals than others. Digital marketing agencies offering all-in-one services are usually the best fit for a business. However, some agencies specializing in niche targets may benefit from certain marketing tasks.

#2 Online Presence

An agency that cares about its digital presence will care about yours. Before picking a digital marketing agency, look through their digital platforms and any ads, they've put out for their business.

#3 Clientele Reputation

Before deciding on a digital marketing agency, it is crucial to look at their clientele and the reputation they have with their clientele. The reputation, reviews, and ratings will let you know if the work is worth it. Additionally, going through their clientele will allow you to see if they have worked with businesses like yours before.

#4 Budget

Every company should research reasonable prices for digital marketing and the services they're looking for before choosing their digital marketing agency. Then, companies can set their budget to ensure they don't lose money on their marketing.

Adcore - Our Top Pick

Credit: Adcore incCredit: Adcore inc

Adcore is a digital marketing agency with over 30 years in the business. An international company, Adcore has locations worldwide and experience in all levels of digital marketing. Adcore offers nearly every service a business could need for establishing a meaningful digital presence, including their unique marketing cloud services that make marketing your business effortless. Adcore looks at real-time data to understand your business’s current standing, gaps, opportunities, and potential areas for improvement. 

Why it's our top pick:

74% of Adcore's clients doubled their Return On Assets (ROA) in just the first five months. Adcore specializes in optimizing automated marketing services. The care they put into their online presence speaks to their dedication to their clientele. You can see clients love Adcore with dozens of 5-star reviews and an impressive portfolio. Adcore is also partnered with Google, Facebook, and other major platforms to bolster the work they do for their clients.


  • Marketing-cloud services from US$33.99 to US$79.99 a month
  • Free service option via the Shopify app

To learn more, you can visit the site or contact a representative to see how Adcore can help your business grow.

Operad - Best for eCommerce

Credit: OperadCredit: Operad

Operad offers campaigns, SEO content, and analytics to improve ROI, maximize sales, reach new customers, and build brands. 

Why it made the top 19: 

Operad provides clients with expert-filled teams that specialize and focus on the specific content and services that clients need. They offer services that any business could use to build an online presence while maintaining their own. Operad knows that the numbers matter, so they focus on analytics that has proven to improve return on investment numbers. 


Operad's site doesn't have a list of prices for their services, but reviews show a typical SEO campaign can cost upwards of US$5,000. However, every campaign and service is different.

You can consult with a representative for specific pricing.

K Logic - best for Facebook marketing

Credit: K LogicCredit: K Logic

K Logic specializes in smart media campaigns, SEO research, and producing creative content for brands. 

Why we chose K Logic:

By using photo and video ads, K Logic helped a company see a 2.3x increase in quote requests through Facebook alone. K Logic knows what they do best, and they focus on that. Social media is growing in popularity daily, which is why K Logic focuses its expertise on advertising on those platforms. 


Typical client budgets range upwards of US$5,000. To get a quote on the cost of their services, contact K Logic.

Xtra Mile - best for B2B technology companies

Credit: Xtra MileCredit: Xtra Mile

Xtra Mile provides clients with marketing automation services, social media campaigns, search campaigns, and more. 

Why we love Xtra Mile:

Xtra Mile specializes in digital marketing for B2B tech companies to create performance-based campaigns. Xtra Mile has a creative online presence that previews its capabilities. Xtra Mile is certified by IBM, Microsoft, EMC, NetApp, and Cisco. 


Prices are not listed on Xtra Mile’s site, but interested clients can contact Xtra Mile for a quote.

Abagada - best for data

Credit: Abagada'sCredit: Abagada's

Abagada's strategies specialize in not only data but building data consistency so that you can plan campaigns accordingly. 

Why it made our list:

Abagada provides 360-degree services that each prioritize data above anything else. These services include SEM, data collection, and data analysis. As a result, they have several major clients to back up their reputation such as Waze and KIA. 


Contact Abagada for pricing. 

Go Digital Marketing - best for audience targeting

  (credit: GO Digital Marketing) (credit: GO Digital Marketing)

Go Digital Marketing utilizes on and offline data to build its strategies. With over a decade of experience, they offer widespread services, including SEM/PPC, eCommerce, and analytics management. 

Why we love it:

Go Marketing is an award-winning agency with over a decade of clientele reputation built up. 


Contact Go Digital Marketing for a quote. 

Angora Media  - best for startups

Credit: AngoraCredit: Angora

Angora Media is a leading independent agency that helps new businesses grow their sales and presence.

Why it made the list:

Angora Media specializes in their teams to fit your needs. They offer expert services in social media, SEO, and advertisements.


Contact Angora Media for free site analysis and consultation 

Pareto.Solutions - best for videos

Credit: Pareto SolutionsCredit: Pareto Solutions

Pareto.Solutions specialize in video ads on Facebook and Adwords that maximize clients' online presence, even doubling many clients' Facebook FTDs. 

Why it made the list:

Pareto.Solutions' focus on video ads allows them to optimize their campaign efforts.


  • Campaign management - 19% of Ad Spend
  • Facebook, Youtube, or TV video ad productions start at US$70k

Sivan Group - best for starting a brand

Credit: Sivan GroupCredit: Sivan Group

Sivan Group provides clients with unique teams to jumpstart web design and construction, LIVE branding, and strategic consulting.

Why we love it:

In addition to their services, Sivan Group provides clients with guidance with outsourcing marketing needs.


Contact Sivan Group for pricing. Full campaign packages start upwards of US$10k.

Daze - best for LinkedIn marketing

Credit: DazeCredit: Daze

Daze offers a range of specialized services for specific digital marketing spheres, including LinkedIn marketing, SEO content, Hubspot, and account-based marketing.

Why it made the list:

Daze specializes in constructing LinkedIn content and outreach messages that reach potential clients. One client saw a 43% increase in leads through LinkedIn involvement. 


Contact Daze for a quote.

Kahena - best for personalization

Credit: KahenaCredit: Kahena

Kahena offers PPC, SEO, eCommerce, and B2B lead services that prioritize the uniqueness of your company and its abilities. 

Why it made the list:

Kahena has a large team with diverse expertise that allows them to cater to any business demographic. 


Contact Kahena for a specialized quote. 

B-Digital - best for project management

Credit: B-DigitalCredit: B-Digital

B-Digital offers eCommerce, project management, strategy construction, and consulting. 

Why it made the list:

B-Digital ranks in the top 1% of project management in Israel, increasing project sustainability for clients.


Convertix - best for CRO

Credit: ConvertixCredit: Convertix

Convertix offers all of the usual digital marketing services such as SEO, web design, and sponsored promotions, but they specialize in conversation rate optimization (CRO).

Why we love it:

The small team of experts at Convertix makes every experience with their clients professional, personal, and effective. 


Contact Convertix for specific pricing.

QualityScore - best for leading brands

Credit: QualityScoreCredit: QualityScore

QualityScore uses large-scale data to create ad campaigns and drive eCommerce expansions. 

Why it made the list:

QualityScore specializes in brands that are already doing well - making them go from big to massive in the industry. 


Contact QualityScore for a quote.

Marketing Envy - best for cyber security

Credit: Marketing EnvyCredit: Marketing Envy

Marketing Envy offers cyber security marketing, start-up marketing, and PPC lead generation.

Why it made the list:

As a diamond partner with HubSpot, Marketing Envy ensures clients measurable ROI. 


  • marketing campaigns start at US$6,500 a month
  • the highest level campaign starts at US$11,000 a month

AdsOn - best for real estate advertising

Credit: AdsOnCredit: AdsOn

AdsOn specializes in generating leads, especially for real estate. 

Why it made the list:

Clients have nothing but positive reviews for AdOns and its timely responses, professionalism, and effective campaigns. 


WEBSEM - best for Outbrain

Credit: WEBSEMCredit: WEBSEM

WEBSEM provides promotion for clients on social networks, Google, and your website.

Why it made the list:

WEBSEM specializes in getting your content on Outbrain and Tabula to gain customer traction. 


Contact a WEBSEM representative for a quote.

Genesis - best for TikTok

Credit: GenesisCredit: Genesis

Genesis offers digital marketing services such as Google promotion, social media ads, website building, and eCommerce management.

Why it made the list:

Genesis ensures clients get the most up-to-date marketing strategies by branching out to TikTok ads. If you’re trying to appeal to Gen-Z or savvy millennials, this agency understands their platform of choice and has proven success advertising to them.


Atomi - best for consulting

Credit: AtomiCredit: Atomi

Atomi focuses on marketing automation, SEO website promotion, eCommerce marketing, and other tech development strategies.

Why it made the list:

Atomi specializes in digital consulting to get the most out of each ad and promotion. They’ve successfully worked with major brands like Toyota and Lexus and are a popular choice among Israeli companies as well. 


Contact Atomi for a quote.

Things to consider when choosing a digital marketing agency (revisited)

Now that you’ve looked at a range of digital marketing agencies in Israel and the services they offer, you should have a better understanding of what agency would be best for your business goals. 

When you choose an agency, make sure that they not only offer the service you need but are experts in that field. Several of the agencies listed had specific teams for each service they offered, while some even offered specific teams depending on the brand they are working with. Others specialized in automation and garnering as much analytical data as possible, such as Adcore's marketing cloud services. 

It’s always important to consider the agencies’ online presence as well, as that gives you a glimpse into the services they can provide. In this list, every agency has an impressive online presence that shows they care about their digital marketing and their client’s success. This is a great sign that they will also care about the digital marketing they do for you. Now, you can choose the presence that spoke to you the most. 

Remember, look at the relationship each agency has with their clients and the work they have done in the past to ensure it’s a fit for your goals. Each of these agencies performs great work for their clients, but have they had a client like you before? Look for work they’ve done that you can see working for your specific business. 

Finally, set your budget and find an agency within that range. After reading through this list, there is a clear average budget that businesses should aim for when getting involved with digital marketing. However, most agencies want to talk to you first. Only by getting to know you, your business, and your goals can an agency accurately quote you for the services you need. 

Main takeaways

Adcore topped our list of impressive digital marketing service providers because of their impressive clientele reputation, services offered, digital presence, and transparency regarding prices. Adcore has all of the great qualities of expert digital marketing services while also allowing you to plan your budget accordingly. 

Operad and K Logic were also at the top due to their services offered, reasonable prices, and focus on analytics. Focusing on social media analytics and growing website traffic continue to be the most important for building a sustainable brand and business. 

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This article was written in cooperation with Adcore