19 Year Old Tarun Bhati Moves from Minecraft to Digital Marketing Guru

 (photo credit: TARUN BHATI)
(photo credit: TARUN BHATI)

To master multiple niches and a guru at even one niche in business is a challenge, especially at the age of just 19 years old. Tarun Bhati has accomplished just that as an up and coming entrepreneur with a passion for digital marketing in the gaming space. Of course, it wasn’t always easy for Tarun. At the age of 15, he started his entrepreneurial journey to earn his own money and independence from his parents. He started with what you knew and liked by creating a more stable Minecraft service for his friends. This earned him some passive income and introduced him to money making opportunities in the online gaming space. 

The Minecraft server got him rolling, but he definitely didn’t stop there. Tarun educated himself in digital marketing, advertising, and investments. This opened even more doors for him in business and entrepreneurship.

Now with some financial resources at hand, Tarun began to work on a range of business projects to help his local community. He soon formed a venture capital firm to help grow businesses in his local area and create great returns for his investors. Oleada Capital was able to provide both the resources and the marketing expertise these businesses needed to grow quickly. One of the big advantages that Tarun brings to the table is his expertise in digital marketing. 

To help brands reach young adults he created Win-Robox. This online platform allows brands to display ads and conduct surveys with young adults that are tough to reach through traditional marketing. This is a big advantage for brands because it allows them to market directly inside of online games to your core target audience and engage with them in a very responsive channel. Online gamers love it too because they earn a gaming currency called Robux by interacting with the brands and taking surveys. 

Tarun has now started the digital marketing firm PriorPublic to bring this extremely effective online gaming marketing platform to more brands on a much larger scale. This revolution in digital marketing through online games is providing incredible engagement and return on investment for the brands and making Tarun a leader in the digital marketing space. 

With his experience in online gaming and digital marketing, 2021 is shaping up to be another year of explosive growth for Tarun Bhati and he’s not planning on slowing down anytime soon. With the Win-Robox platform in place and his PriorPublic digital marketing agency growing quickly the sky is the limit. 

Of course, his venture capital company is not standing still either. With the massive shifts in digital marketing and online shopping that have happened in the last year because of the pandemic, Oleada Capital is poised to invest even more in both local and larger business that is ready to capitalize on this trend and scale quickly. This will position both Tarun Bhati and his investor for incredible gains in 2021 and far into the future.