3 things that Bet365 can change in its casino section in some countries

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

There are multiple prestigious gambling websites in the world that provide multiple categories to keep their customers happy. Even though some sites have many fans for their sportsbooks, their casino section also has multiple loyal fans. Speaking of such things, Bet365 Casino Bulgaria definitely comes to mind because this company allows punters in the country to access loads of top casino games. Although some users prefer the sports section, Bet365’s world-class casino can impress even people who go to Las Vegas.

As you probably know, this iGaming company is already available in many countries, especially in Europe. However, Bet365 will most likely try to reach new parts of the world because it wants to remain the industry-leading iGaming operator. As a result, the site will have to change some of the things it provides, especially in its casino category.

Many gamblers are more than happy with what they can access while using Bet365’s casino, but some users may want to try out something different. Therefore, let’s go over a few things that users should consider.

  • The casino’s design

We’d like to start by saying that Bet365’s casino has one of the most futuristic designs in the business. In fact, this thing probably has a significant impact on the company’s popularity and why so many people use it.

If you visit the Bulgarian version of Bet365’s casino or the company’s site in other countries where it is available, there will be loads of interesting animations. The changing banners and colors like space grey mixed with other options make this section shine. It allows people to find what they want in no time and put it to the test with just a press of a button.

Although Bet365’s casino design is impressive, some people might be scared of using it because it looks completely different than the company’s sportsbook. Since most iGaming fans punt on sports, it shouldn’t be surprising that the operator’s sportsbook has more fans. 

Bet365 will check its ratings and examine why the casino section is not performing as well as the sportsbook in some parts of the world. Once it has access to this information, it is just a matter of time before the brand decides to update its design and make the casino section look like a sportsbook.

  • The live casino could be more special

Everyone knows that the best online casinos must offer their clients a wide range of casino titles. Many sites only have slots because inexperienced players always choose those things. With that being said, reputable companies like Bet365 allow their clients in Bulgaria and other countries to play loads of other titles, including games with a real croupier.

Those options are usually found inside the Live Casino section, which is next to the regular casino. Once users check it out, they will find a couple of popular games. What’s even more interesting is that they include an information button that will help them learn more about the title and things like its RTP rating. 

Many users will be impressed by Bet365’s live casino, but the company can make some improvements to make it even more special. A quick look at other top-tier casinos reveals that many companies try to promote this category by adding special propositions and unique designs. These steps should have a big impact on the casino category of Bet365.

  • Bet365 should advertise its poker section way more

You don’t need any iGaming experience to notice that the casino of Bet365 is impressive. However, Bulgarians and gamblers in jurisdictions where online casinos are available will find at least a couple of other websites that provide similar things. With that being said, Bet365 has another big trick to make itself stand out - a stand-alone poker client.

Many users may not know, but Bet365 allows gamblers in multiple countries to use a separate poker platform. This option will most likely become available to users in other jurisdictions once Bet365 makes the decision to expand its services into other states.

The site’s poker client is clearly on another level if you compare it with the same options found on other platforms. Gamblers who want to use their computers do not have to download any additional software. Instead, they can play poker with players from all over the world directly in their browsers.

Bet365 has several poker bonuses, a loyalty club, and even a how-to-play guide that helps those who haven’t had the chance to play so far. Yet, Bet365 should do more to advertise the things it offers. If the brand decides to take the needed steps, it should attract even more clients because people will appreciate everything it can provide them.

Bet365’s poker section offers different kinds of poker variations like Cash, Twister, and so on. Each title lets you check things like buy-in, minimum and maximum stakes, and more.

This article was written in cooperation with Daniel Simon