4 Tips from Jackson Yew on How to Become an Elite Coach

 (photo credit: JACKSON YEW)
(photo credit: JACKSON YEW)

Motivating others isn't easy. Most people think that talking to someone for hours can help them feel better. But that's not how motivation works. You must know the person inside out, understand his strengths and weaknesses, and be a part of the struggles and successes. 

All this requires a specific skill set. Not everyone is built for it. And that's how Jackson Yew separates himself from other business coaches. He is the co-founder of Funnel Duo Media, a digital marketing agency that provides funnel building, marketing insights, lead generation, SEO, and web development services.

Jackson is also an expert at coaching intermediate speakers. He trains people from different industries to become an authoritative figure and help others succeed in their careers. Today, he shares four essential tips on how to become an elite coach:

1. Knowledge and personal experience

Elite coaches should be able to relate to their students' hardships. It doesn't necessarily mean that if someone is broke, you also need to be broke to understand his feelings. Instead, it's how you perceive his situation that matters. That's what connects an elite coach with his student. This connection comes from knowledge and personal experience. The more you talk to people, the more you know about the challenges they face. It gives you the ability to handle different situations efficiently while coaching your student.

2. Teaching flexibility

You may have had one teacher in your life that you didn't like. According to Jackson, this could be because the teacher doesn't teach well. In other cases, it's his personality that the student doesn't like. You must have the patience and wisdom to understand the learning style of a student. It will help you mold yourself to instruct the student accordingly and develop a relationship where they can share everything with you without any hesitation.

3. Art of motivation

You cannot take it for granted that everyone will be motivated by the same thing. For example, an overweight person who wants to look stylish in his favorite pair of jeans won't respond to the motivational tactics that a retired person needs to repay his family's debts. Moreover, motivation isn't just about the phrase "You can do it." An elite coach taps into the strengths of his student. He makes him feel that his forces will take him forward, and caving to his weakness won't. He needs to formulate strategies to ensure that his student develops self-confidence and takes the necessary steps to improve every day.

4. Guided learning

It is easy to give out information to students. But how you deliver that information makes a world of difference. Jackson thinks that an elite coach shouldn't just stick to one pattern of learning. He must introduce innovative techniques to keep his students looking forward to learning more. Instead of merely handing them a book, guide them through each lesson. An over-the-shoulder approach enables students to feel more engaged with each class, helping them absorb knowledge more quickly than just reading a book.

It took years for Jackson to reach his current position. To date, he has already coached 302 companies and 31,293 students to increase their revenue streams. If you've always dreamed of making it big in your industry, start by following these tips, and you should be well on your way to becoming an elite coach.