6 Reasons Why You Need a Cat In Your Life Today

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Cats are the best. Of course, that blanket statement may not be enough to convince you that adding a feline friend to your home is a perfect idea. So, let’s get down to it and we’ll show you some great reasons why you need a cat.

1. They’re Low Maintenance
Cats are easy to take care of. They feed throughout the day, litterbox train on their own, and generally aren’t as needy as dogs. It’s not that they don’t like us, it’s just that they’re not constantly seeking to be in our laps.

They’re not research free, of course. You’ll need to know what type of cat food to buy and the basics, but once that’s in place? Now you’ve got a furry friend.

They even manage their own exercise! It’s much different than keeping a dog. Most people find that their cat barely requires any time from their day.

It’s a low price for a fine pet.

2. You’ll have a Pest-Free Home
If it’s bigger than a dime, your cat will most likely try to eat it. We all know that cats love to chase down and devour mice and rats, but they’ll even chase down spiders and beetles when given the chance!

Their hunting instincts are fierce and fully intact. It’s a rare home that has both a cat and a rat problem. Farmers even keep their “barn cats” simply to reduce damage to crops.

A cute, but potent, killer in your home isn’t a bad thing. And if creepy crawlies aren’t your thing then you’ll find there’s no better fix than a frisky house cat.

3. Cats Are Great for Stress

Cats aren’t just great when they’re hunting things down. They also help protect us against stress just by their presence.

The truth is that people with pets tend to live longer. No one knows exactly why but the results often show up in studies across the board. Not only that, people who have cats also tend to have lower blood pressure. Even when other variables are eliminated.

As far as acute, subjective stress? Your cat will be perfectly willing to let you pet them while you watch TV after a hard day. That’s a great way to relax no matter who you are.

4. They’re the Perfect Companions

Cats aren’t just great because they’re useful. A good feline is also an excellent companion around the house, particularly if you’re the type who finds dogs too needy.

Most cats will quickly adapt to the level of attention you’re willing to give them. They may follow you like a pup or they may be stand-offish unless prompted. Each cat varies but they’re social animals. They want you to be happy too!

A dog may be more loyal and do more tricks, but a cat is the best furry friend you’ll ever find. Their ability to both entertain themselves and be cuddly is a hard-to-beat combination!

5. The Feline Antics

Cats get up to some goofy stuff. There’s a multi-million dollar industry of YouTube videos that proves it. Cats are liquids, fitting into boxes much too small and hyperactive with their “zoomies.”

It’s half the fun of having a cat. Just kicking back and watching them go about their business.

Of course, the camera can only capture so much. When you’ve got a cat who’s actively getting into kitty mischief around the house… well, it’s only then that you’ll truly understand cat people. 

Cats will constantly be up to something new, they’re extremely intelligent animals after all. The most curious will also cause the most entertainment around the house. Just keep your drywall tools handy, since the occasional miscalculation may cause some damage.

6. You Might Be Saving a Life

Most people adopt their cats from rescues and shelters. The truth is that feral cats are a problem in most places, and many of those which end up in pounds will also die there. There are simply too many of them running wild.

An adopted cat is a life saved. Cats have evolved alongside humans since time immemorial, they’re an ingrained part of most major cultures across the globe these days. That alone means they need us as much as we need them.

Shelters are a reliable place to get cats and know they’ve been medically taken care of. It’s a bit of responsibility to take on, but in the end, every owner finds the journey has been well worth it.


Cats are the most popular pets for a reason, and your life is always better with one. If you’re on the fence then think it over, we think you’ll find that cat ownership is always the right response. Saving a life and making a better one for your family? How could you pass that up?