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Olim on fours: The pets joining Ukrainian Jews in making Aliyah

The Aliyah and Integration Ministry reported that some 40 pets, including dogs, cats and hamsters, immigrated along with their Ukrainian owners since Russia's invasion of Ukraine began.

Bidens welcome Willow the cat to the White House

First lady Jill Biden named the cat after her hometown of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.


Criminal cats? Iran's proposed pet ban sparks outrage

The ban would affect "crocodiles, turtles, snakes, lizards, cats, mice, rabbits, dogs and other unclean animals as well as monkeys."


Crazy cats? New study tests psychopathy in cats

Is your aloof, energetic feline friend a psychopath? What do their quirky and strange behaviors mean? Now, there may be a way to find out.


Pawsitive step? Israel to give NIS 12m. to help spay, neuter stray cats

Israel's stray cat population is exceptionally large, numbering around 2 million and growing, but many live in especially poor conditions • SPCA blasts move for not addressing the real problem


Ben-Gvir calls MK Yasmin Sax Fridman 'cat feeder' in Knesset

"Do you really think this is an insult to me? If you knew me, you'd know who I am," the Yesh Atid MK said in response.


Curious cat? Scientists identify 7 feline behavioral, personality traits

The researchers studied the behaviors of over 4,300 different cats, spanning 26 different breeds.


Black Cat Appreciation Day: Israelis not adopting darker felines - SPCA

Overall, regardless of age, personality and any other factors, black cats on average always seem to lose out to their lighter-haired cousins.

A SCENE FROM 'Kinneret: Sea of Life'

‘Kinneret: Sea of Life’ gets up close and personal

Alpert became so close to the swamp cats he virtually adopted them and his love for the creatures and for the Sea of Galilee shines through in every frame.

On International Cat Day, Israel's 2 million street cats remain a crisis

"Nobody has made real progress to stop the suffering of this poor animal. It's very sad. They all say there's no budget, and animals are kept at the bottom of priorities, and that's a problem."

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