Pets: Unconditional best friends, world's best coronavirus companions - survey

Since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdowns, there has been a surge in pet adoptions across the United States, and in many places around the world. So how are the new owners doing?

Brain parasite spread from cats rarely gets humans sick – here's why

The parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, is found worldwide, and is particularly associated with cats. In humans, infection by the parasite can lead to developing a potentially fatal illness, toxoplasmosis.

First feline infected with coronavirus in the UK

It is likely that the owner infected the cat with the virus, although both have recently recovered.

Gli the cat can stay even as Istanbul's Hagia Sophia changes

The grey cat with shining green, crossed eyes, has become a favorite with visitors, including former US President Barack Obama, who was filmed stroking her during a trip in 2009.

French cat survives coronavirus infection

The nine-year-old cat is the first known case of a pet being infected by the coronavirus in France.

SPCA to subsidize spaying, neutering of kittens for remainder of 2020

Israel has an estimated stray cat population of over two million. Due to insufficient spaying and neutering policies, tens of thousands of kittens are born each year and often suffer on the street.

Ramat Gan buys colorful water bowls for thirsty street cats

Israel is currently experiencing an intense heatwave and the city is adamant that “in Ramat Gan, nobody will be thirsty!”

Cats and dogs
Dutch dog, three cats infected with coronavirus

Other animal infections with COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus, have been occasionally reported around the world during the current pandemic.

Sand cat suspected of dying from coronavirus at Ramat Gan Safari

Once at the Pathological Institute, the sand cat was sent to the department of virology after initial testing showed a "high likelyhood" of coronavirus, based on the cat's initial symptoms.

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