Burnout, depression, stress plaguing Barcelona, Chelsea soccer players - opinion

Exhaustion is about to bring down the 22 Barcelona and Chelsea football players still running on the field at Stamford Bridge.


Too much salt can change the way you behave- study

New research highlights the effects of salt beyond physical health. Too much can change behavior, specifically amplifying stress.


Are you a stressed out university student? Try these walnuts - study

Led by researchers from the University of South Australia, the study presents some truly nutty findings about stress relief at university.

Parking fees at hospitals may be making cancer patients more sick - study

Hospital parking fees may contribute to suboptimal health outcomes for cancer patients as well as a financial burden, according to a new Canadian study.

Brains of teenagers have physically aged due to stress caused by pandemic - study

The results were that the developmental process had sped up in those involved while they were experiencing the pandemic.

Five facts about kissing that might surprise you

Do you know any of these facts about kissing? And will you test them out to check if they're true?

By Walla!

Why do we feel like we're freefalling before we go to sleep?

This phenomenon is called myoclonus (myo = muscle, clonus = contraction) and it is basically a short, sudden and involuntary movement of a muscle or group of muscles.

By Walla!

Is Mario Kart the most stressful video game? - study

Following Mario Kart, the games that increased average heart rates the most were FIFA Football, Call of Duty, Dark Souls and Fortnite.

By Sam Halpern

Damage to body from lifelong stress can increase risk of death from cancer - study

The team led by Moore performed a retrospective analysis of more than 41,000 people from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Stress may negatively impact a woman's ability to get pregnant -study

Approximately one in eight couples have trouble conceiving in the United States. 

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